Yuzvendra Chahal Break Up with Wife, Dhanashree Drops ‘Chahal’ From Surname On Instagram,

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Dhanashree Verma, who is 25 years old and frequently publishes video clips to her Instagram account showcasing her dance abilities and her time spent with her spouse, has just removed the surname “Chahal” from her Instagram profile. Yuzvendra uploaded an image to his Instagram stories on Wednesday, along with the words “New Life Loading….

Since the reports of their breakup first began circulating, Dhanashree has been subjected to online harassment and abuse ever since she decided to drop her surname. Dhanashree was the target of cruel trolling on Twitter on Thursday as a result of the rumours surrounding the breakdown of her relationship with Yuzvendra Chahal.

In point of fact, some supporters have taken their rumours to an even further level, claiming that they will support the Team India leg spinner in the event that Yuzvendra Chahal and Dhanashree Verma decide to divorce. Many people have even made nasty comments about Dhanashree Verma, but there has been no official confirmation of a divorce.

Yuzvendra Chahal Divorce with Wife?


Dhanshree Verma is a popular figure on YouTube as well as other social media platforms. In addition to that, he operates his own dance school. It wasn’t until Yuzvendra began attending online dance classes that he finally got to meet Yuzvendra for the first time. After that, they both found love, and eventually tied the knot.

On December 22, 2020, he unexpectedly shared photographs, at which point he disclosed facts on the wedding. Since then, Dhanashree has gained a greater following on many social media platforms. However, there is now a chance that they will no longer be together.


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Although Dhanashree Chahal has removed the Chahal surname from her identity on social media, Yuzvendra Chahal’s most recent tweet is also causing a lot of people to have questions and concerns.

Yuzvendra Chahal Wife Photo


Because it is common practice for celebrities to remove their surnames from social media accounts when they are no longer together or have divorced, this change has led fans to speculate that the couple would soon cease their marriage.

The cryptic post that Chahal made on Instagram a few hours after Dhanashree dropped his surname from her legal name was the thing that caught Chahal’s followers off guard.

Yuzvendra Chahal Age

On July 23, 1990, Yuzvendra Chahal came into the world. Yuzvendra Chahal is therefore 31 years old at this time. Yuzvendra Chahal is an Indian cricketer who has garnered a lot of attention throughout the years.

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