What Is CIF Number? How To Get CIF Number In SBI Without Passbook

CIF Number Steps to Get SBI CIF Number Without Passbook: Are you trying to find your CIF number from the State Bank of India? If you’re seeking your CIF number, I can assist you. This CIF number is typically required by customers and account holders to activate internet banking at SBI. Furthermore, a CIF number is necessary when moving your bank account across State Bank of India branches. I’ll outline two approaches you can use to locate the SBI CIF number.

The first way is to find the SBI CIF number on a chequebook, and the second is to do it without using a passbook. You can choose from the two techniques I’ve listed here.

The most crucial phrase in financial operations is CIF. All of the account holder’s demographic data is kept in a file called CIF. Each CIF file has its own individual CIF number. With more than 24000 branches in India alone and 190 offices in 35 other nations, SBI is the dominant bank in the Indian banking industry.

The Customer Information File Number is another name for the CIF code. If you’re unfamiliar, what is the CIF Number? This article is specifically for you if you’re seeking to find the SBI CIF number in SBI without a passbook. We will go through what a CIF number in SBI is and how to find your SBI CIF number using Yono, online banking, or SMS.

What is CIF Number?

A customer Information File Number is referred to as a CIF Number. When somebody establishes an account at their bank, SBI and CBI Bank provide a CIF number, which is an 11-digit number.


The bank generates a Customer Information File Number (CIF Number), which stores all of the information about that customer in a digital format. This information includes personal details, proof of address, account number, transaction history, loan details, and anything else that can be known about that individual. The CIF Number consists of 11 different digits and is exclusive to each of the company’s clients.

How To Get CIF Number In SBI Without Passbook?

In most cases, the CIF Number is printed on the very first page of the Passbook that the Bank supplies, as well as the very first page after the opening page. If, on the other hand, your CIF number is not listed in your passbook, you do not have a passbook, or you want to know your CIF number even though you do not have a passbook, you can obtain it by following one of the procedures outlined in the following paragraphs.

Get SBI CIF number Using Net-Banking

This approach can be utilised provided that you have access to your online banking. In order to obtain your CIF number using net banking, you will need to perform these steps:

  • To begin, you will need to go to sbionline.com and log in.
  • Utilize the User Name and Password associated with your online banking account to log in.
  • After logging in, select “My Account tab and profile” from the tab bar, and then select “account summary” from the drop-down menu that appears.
  • After that, select the Nomination and PAN information option from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose to view the specifics of your nomination and PAN.
  • On the following page, you will see your CIF number displayed.

Check SBI CIF Number Online

  • To begin, you will need to go to sbionline.com and log in.
  • Enter your user name and password in order to log in to your online banking account.
  • After successfully logging in, you will be prompted to select the Account Statement option.
  • After that, choose View, and after that choose the Go option. Finally, choose two dates for the statement.
  • Now the summary page for your account will open. On this screen, in addition to other pieces of information, your Account Number and CIF Number as well as your IFSC code will be displayed.

Find the State Bank of India CIF number by Using SBI Yonn App

If you are a subscriber of the SBI Yono app, you will be able to instantly obtain your CIF Number Without a Passbook from the State Bank of India on your mobile device. However, before you can register, you will need to first download the SBI mobile banking application, which is known as the SBI Yono App. If you have already registered, you will need to proceed with the steps that are listed below.

  1. SBI Yono requires that you provide your login information in order to access your account.
  2. Find the “Services” tab on the home screen; it should be the final one in the row. Click on that tab.
  3. On the following screen, click the button labelled “Online Nomination.”
  4. The following step requires you to change the type of account to “transaction account,” then enter your account number in the area labelled “choose account.” It will display the CIF number in a format similar to the one shown below.

Find the State bank of India CIF number using the Checkbook

The CIF number of the client is accessible via the customer’s chequebook. However, in order for this strategy to be successful, the buyer must own his or her chequebook. To accomplish that, you will need to carry out the following steps:

  • Take out your chequebook from the bank and open it to the first page.
  • On it is written the Customer Information File (CIF) number.

Get the SBI CIF number by visiting your bank branch

You can acquire your CIF number by going to any SBI branch that is conveniently located near you and inquiring about your CIF number. First, they will check the information by asking you some questions.

The next step is that, once they have verified your information, they will give you your Customer Information File, or CIF, number. When you go to the bank, make sure to bring both your passbook and a valid form of identification with you.

Get the CIF number by Calling your bank’s customer support

If you don’t have time to visit the SBI bank or if you don’t want to waste your time waiting in a large line at the SBI Branch, this option is for you. You can contact SBI Customer Support, which is often referred to as Customer Care, by dialling their toll-free number.

In addition, make sure to ask them to provide you with your CIF number. They will do an identification check on you by asking you a few questions. Following the completion of the verification process, they will provide you with your CIF number. You can reach us at any time on any of these toll-free numbers:

  • 1800 425 3800
  • 1800 11 2211
  • 080-26599990

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is The CIF Number Used?

CIF stores all of the important data about an account holder in digital form. Every CIF is identified by a special number called a CIF number. At the moment of verification, it is utilised to retrieve all of the customer’s information.

How Can I Use Net Banking?

Any bank’s net banking requires an application, which you must submit at your neighbourhood branch. Once your net banking service is activated, you can utilise it through its net banking website. There is a website for the SBI at www.sbionline.com.

How Can I Use Mobile Banking?

After downloading the app, you must register and link your account by providing details about your debit card and CIF number. After that, you can access your bank account using mobile banking. SBI offers a mobile banking app called SBI Anywhere.

Can I Get The CIF Number Through SMS?

Currently, SMS cannot be used to obtain the CIF number.

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