Valentine Week List 2023 Rose Day, Propose Day & All Other Ones described

Valentine Week 2023 Full List, Valentine Week Day by Day Schedule, Overview.

Every year valentine’s day is celebrated on 14 February. But the couples celebrate this for a whole week and it started on 07 February every year. People who are in a relationship or believe in love, celebrate Valentine’s Week with delight and amusement. From 07 February couple celebrate each day with a different meaning.

People of every age, whether young or old, celebrate Valentine’s Day. It has become a fashion to celebrate Valentine’s Week. Each day has a different meaning. Couples who are celebrating valentine’s first time and do not know how to celebrate complete valentine’s week, here we have added all the details regarding valentine’s week with day-by-day activities.

Valentine Week 2023 Full List

valentine week full list

7 February – Rose Day

First of all, this festival starts on 7th February we celebrate the first day as rose day. On this day rose flower is given to the partner because the rose is the symbol of love.

8 February – Propose Day

8 Feb is known as propose day, couples propose to each other, and from this day the story of love begins.

9 February – Chocolate Day
9 February is celebrated as Chocolate Day. On this day the sweetness of your love is shot with the help of chocolate. It is necessary to have sweetness in the relationship. Love came from chocolate because girls like chocolate.
10 February – Teddy Day

Girls like teddies more than boys. On this day couples gift teddies to each other.

11 February – Promise Day

On this day, Promise Day is celebrated. On this day the promise of love and togetherness is promised. This day is celebrated like a promising day, and make lovely promises to each other.

12 February – Hug Day

On this day, couples hug each other and make them feel their love, how much they love each other, they make them feel by hugging.

13 February – Kiss Day

13 February is celebrated as kiss day. On this day couples kiss each other. In this way, they show their love to their partner.

14 February – Valentine’s Day

Finally, the proposal is accepted on this day and the couple spends time with their love the whole day and does various things to celebrate. Every couple can have their own different ways to celebrate. This is the most important day for couples.

Valentine Week 2023 Full List 7 to 21 February

07 February 2023 Rose Day
08 February 2023 Propose Day
09 February 2023 Chocolate Date
10 February 2023 Teddy Day
11 February 2023 Promise Day
12 February 2023 Hug Day
13 February 2023 Kiss Day
14 February 2023 Valentine Day
15 February 2023 Slap Day
16 February 2023 Kick Day
17 February 2023 Scent Day
18 February 2023 Flirting Day
19 February 2023 Shikarokti Day
20 February 2023 Missing Day
21 February 2023 Breakup Day

Valentine Week 2023 – FAQs

When is Valentine’s Week in 2023?

Each year Valentine’s week started on 07 February and is celebrated till 21 February.

When is kiss day in valentine’s week?

Kiss day is celebrated on 13 February every year.

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