Truecaller not working in iPhone, Why isn’t Caller ID showing on my iPhone? Full Solution

Truecaller Not Showing Caller ID on iPhone, Trucaller Not Working On iPhone, Check the Detailed Solution to Bring Call ID & Name back on iPhone for the unknown numbers.

Truecaller is one of the most widely used applications for assisting users in recognising calls coming from unknown numbers, blocking unwanted callers, and avoiding spammers. Because it allows you to view the ‘Caller ID’ of the person who is contacting you, even if the number has not been stored in their phone book, millions of people use true caller. This is one of the main reasons why the true caller is so popular.

With Truecaller installed on your iPhone, it is possible to automatically detect spam and other undesired calls that have been reported or stopped by other users. You will be able to simply skip any calls that Truecaller recognises as being unwanted spam.

An iPhone’s caller ID functions differently than an Android device’s caller ID. On Android, Truecaller works in conjunction with the built-in Phone app, but Apple restricts access to the caller ID settings to the built-in Phone app on iOS.

Truecaller Not Showing Caller ID on iPhone

Truecaller Not Showing Caller ID on iPhone

When we get a call on our Android phone from a number that isn’t in our phonebook, Truecaller will show us the caller’s information, such as their name, location, telecom provider, and more. When we utilise the new improved caller ID screen that Truecaller has offered, the programme shows the caller’s information integrated on the call screen, and there is no pop-up window that appears.

On the other hand, Truecaller does not display the caller’s details on the iPhone’s calling screen. There is no pop-up box and no other indication of this. If you have the iPhone feature activated to announce incoming calls, only Siri will broadcast the name of the unknown caller.

Steps to Enable Truecaller Caller ID on iPhone?

The iPhone’s privacy settings prevent anybody from seeing your call history without your prior consent. If you want to use Truecaller on your iPhone, all you need to do is follow these steps:

  1. Launch the Settings app on your Apple iPhone.
  2. Select the Phone option.
  3. Make sure that Call Blocking and Identification are turned on.
  4. Allow Truecaller to access all options.

Follow these instructions to properly use Truecaller on your iPhone. Since you can now have a better experience using Truecaller on your iPhone, you are free to explore more of the services that the app has to offer.

You might think that the only thing Truecaller does is find and block spam calls. However, in addition to these helpful features, there are also additional options available, such as the capability to record phone calls and get notifications when a call is coming in.

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