Shrikant Tyagi Noida Omaxe Society Fight Viral Video, Yogi Bulldozer Action, Who is Shrikant Tyagi?

Shrikant Tyagi Noida Omaxe Society Fight Viral Video, Yogi Bulldozer Action, Shrikant Tyagi Noida Omaxe Society Fight Video, Who is Shrikant Tyagi?

Following the uproar in the Noida Grand Omaxe Society, the Yogi government has begun its bulldozer action against the abusive goon Shrikant Tyagi. Following the commotion that occurred for the second day in a row on Sunday night, the bulldozer, along with the police and administration, arrived at the society on Monday morning.

In addition to this, the staff members also tried to reach with a hammer. Srikant Tyagi, the man who was abusive and inappropriate with the woman, has not been located yet. The administration is cracking down hard on the illegal encroachment it has been making. People who were there could be seen clapping and shouting “Yogi Zindabad!” at the same time.

Shrikant Tyagi is going to be charged with violating the Gangster Act, and he will also have his illicit property seized, according to what he has indicated. In tandem with this, improvements have also been made to the overall safety of the community.

In addition to this, the face-to-face contact officer at the police station, Sujit Upadhyay, has been removed from his position, and Paramhans Tiwari has been appointed in his place.

It has been reported that five teams are conducting raids in an effort to locate Shrikant Tyagi and that his family are also being interrogated. In addition to this, those who have commercial relations are also being investigated at the same time.

After questioning the wife, the police officers left, and as of the time this report was written, the driver, Surendra, was still being questioned while he was in detention.

Shrikant Tyagi Noida Omaxe Society Fight Video


It has been stated that the issue is related to a piece of land. The land is part of the apartment complex that is owned by Shrikant Tyagi and is located directly in front of his ground-floor flat. Shrikant, who was acting as the eyes of a particularly brutal land mafia, was also there on the land.

He began by destroying the boundaries of his property and combining it with the land in the common area. After that, you should plant large trees on it. After this, Tyagi began to encircle the site by planting saplings all the way around this section of land.

Who is Shrikant Tyagi?

In the bio of his Twitter account, Shrikant Tyagi has portrayed himself as a politician linked with the BJP. As a result, there has been an uproar, and all of the major leaders of the BJP, including Union Ministers, have taken notice of the situation. Mahesh Sharma, who had previously served as a minister in the Indian government and as a member of Parliament, also travelled to the Omaxe Society in Noida.

He went to meet the woman who had been victimised and gave her his word that the Noida Police will apprehend Tyagi within the next two days. In addition, Sharma made it clear that Tyagi does not have any affiliation with the BJP.

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) asserts that Shrikant Tyagi is not a member of their party; yet, many images of him have gone viral on social media. These photographs show Tyagi interacting with members of the BJP high leadership as well as district leaders.

However, this is not the first time that Shrikant Tyagi has been in the news; in fact, he has been featured in the media a great deal more frequently than this. In February of 2020, Shrikant Tyagi was discovered to be in the company of another woman while occupying a rented apartment.

Only Shrikant Tyagi’s wife was successful in catching him. His wife had confronted the woman at Greenwoods Apartment, which is located in the Gomti Nagar neighbourhood of Lucknow.

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