Queen Elizabeth II, the longest-serving British monarch, has died at 96

Queen Elizabeth II Dies England Queen II Health News, England Queen Death News: In the annals of British history, Queen Elizabeth II holds the record for the longest reigning queen. She became queen in 1952 and reigned for a total of seven decades, passing away on September 8, 2022. Her accession to the throne occurred in 1952.

After her passing, Britain will come to a standstill for at least a week, which might result in billions of dollars worth of lost revenue for the British economy. But this problem isn’t solely caused by the economy. It is possible that Prince Charles will alter his name, and the lyrics of the national anthem will be modified accordingly.

In Edinburgh, a notice announcing the passing of Queen Elizabeth II was affixed to a fence outside Holyrood Palace, and the royal standard of Scotland was lowered to a half-staff position. On the walls of the palace, officials affixed a sign that said “Closed.”

Queen Elizabeth II Died


On Thursday afternoon, Buckingham Palace released a statement saying that the Queen “passed away peacefully at Balmoral.”

Inside Buckingham Palace, the plan for dealing with the Queen’s death and the subsequent succession was rumoured to have been given the codename “London Bridge.” According to The Guardian, the plan for if the Queen were to die at Balmoral was rumoured to have been given the codename “Operation Unicorn.”

According to reports, the elaborate plan included a “phone cascade” to warn the various leaders of Britain to the passing of the queen. The Prime Minister, the Cabinet Secretary, and the Privy Council Office were all going to be notified, and then there was going to be an official announcement made to the public.

The formal succession will take place over the course of the following ten days. The manner in which Charles conducts himself now will serve as a precursor to his reign as monarch.

However, on Thursday, the primary focus was on the queen and the legacy that she leaves behind. Tributes came from all around the world, and people in the United Kingdom laid flowers outside Buckingham Palace in London.

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