New Driving Licence Rules in India from July 2022 for Commercial & Personal

New Rules for Driving License Starting July 2022, Check the Changed Driving License Rules in India for Personal & Commercial License: The process of licensing will become much easier for 2-wheelers and 4-wheelers. The new rules facilitate the applicants that don’t have to roam around the RTO office or stand in long queues to wait for their turn. New driver’s license regulations have been formulated by the Union Ministry of Roads and Motorways (Government of India).

The Central Government has modified the standards for obtaining a driver’s license. In today’s article, we’ll go through the new rules for driver’s licenses 2022. So, those who want to understand the new rules and want to avoid future problems should read this article very carefully, we have covered all the points for your convenience.

Driving tests are no longer required by the new guidelines. It was the road and motorway ministry that drafted the regulations in this case.

Driving License Rules changing from July 2022 in India

From July 1, the central government and the state transportation authority will all of the new regulations. Your two- or four-wheeled vehicle’s license will be ready in no time. Previously, you had to travel to the Regional Transport Officer (RTO) and wait a lengthy period to receive a driver’s license.

new driving license rules india

According to the new laws, if you pass your state-approved dribbling training centre, you will not be required to take the RTO driving test when applying. Personal and commercial driver’s licenses have their own set of rules.

Papers needed to submit to authorities for driving license

For DL under the new rules, the following documents need to be submitted:

  • Birth certificate, educational degrees, or passport must be presented as age proof.
  • A passport size photo of the applicant
  • Address proof (Aadhaar, Rent document, Ration card, insurance papers, passport)
  • Forms 1 & 1A should be submitted as a medical certificate
  • An Overview of the Driver’s License Application Process including Four Forms.

Procedure for Obtaining a Driver’s License as per new rules

  1. All the individual who wants to apply for a driving license, first of all, have to enter the webpage of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.
  2. Applicants must then select a state and license category.
  3. In the next step, they must fill out an application form, submit the necessary paperwork, and pay the registration fee.
  4. Applicants should then verify the payment’s status.
  5. Applicants must then select the “Submit” box.
  6. Finally, your driving license is ready and it will send to you through the post office.

For an offline application for a driver’s license, follow the steps below:

  • To obtain an application form, individuals should go to a neighbouring RTO.
  • Once the application has been completed, the required documentation must be submitted, and the registration fee must be paid.

New Rules For Opening Driver Training Centre in India

  • You need to have one acre of land if you want to open a two-wheeler or four-wheeler training centre.
  • Two acres of land must be available for the Large Vehicle Training Center.
  • A trainer of driving must have passed the high school and should possess the experience of 5 years in driving.
  • The instructor must have achieved the Transport Authority Curriculum’s High-Quality Driving Track Test.
  • The training duration for a packed vehicle should be 38 hours, and it should take 6 weeks to finish.
  • For the filled there, the theory lesson should last 8 hours and the actual class should last 31 hours.
  • Small vehicle education should last no more than 29 hours and be finished in four weeks.
  • This course should have an 8-hour theory component and a 21-hour practical component.
  • A biometric system and information systems are required at the centre.
  • A test track and stimulator are required.

Fee Requirement as per the New Rules for Driving Licences

  • For a learner’s license authorities charge ₹200
  • For learner license renewal authorities charge ₹200
  • For an international license, applicants have to pay ₹1000
  • For a permanent license, applicants have to pay ₹200
  • For permanent license renewal authorities will charge ₹200
  • For issuance & renewal of licenses for driving schools trainers have to pay ₹10,000
  • Issuance of renewal driver’s applicants have to pay ₹200
  • Issuance of duplicate license for driving school authorities will charge ₹5,000

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