Muqeem Arrival Registration for Travelling to Saudi Arabia for Vaccinated & Non Vaccinated Tourists Muqeem Arrival Registration Link to travel to Saudi Arabia, Muqeem Registration Vaccine Check on the Arrival for Vaccinated and Non-Vaccinated Tourists: Since the coronavirus outbreak, the tourism industry got affected the most, and now steadily, it is coming back to its normal state, thanks to the countries’ concessions towards travelling guidelines. However, you still have to be meticulous and need to adhere to the covid guidelines announced by a specific nation.

Saudi Arabia is one of the most admired travelling destinations for travellers who desire to spend their holiday creating fascinating memories for their entire life. Saudi Arabia also announced some of its guidelines for travellers from other countries. If you are among them who want to enjoy Saudi Arabia after an annoying lockdown, then you have to register yourself on the Muqeem portal.

Muqeem portal is created by the ministry of tourism of Saudi Arabia, and you are advised to register yourself online for the arrival checkup. If you are planning to travel to Saudi Arabia, this article will be beneficial for you to understand all the procedures & guidelines.

Registration on the Muqeem portal

muqeem arrival registration

As Saudi Arabia announced the relaxation in the tourism sector, people from other countries are delighted to spend their vacations in Saudi Arabia without following any complicated procedures. But they have to complete the Muqeem portal registration before travelling to Saudi Arabia. You need to get an immune certificate on the Tawakkalna phone app.

How to get registered on Muqeem? (For Vaccinated Tourists)

Everyone who does not take vaccination or the one who is vaccinated is required to register himself on the Muqeem website. One who fails to follow the following procedures is prohibited from travelling to Saudi Arabia. Read the following steps given below to get yourself registered on the Muqeem portal:

  1. Visit Muqeem’s travel registration portal i.e
  2. When you go to the registration page, look for the box labelled ‘Vaccinated Visitor.’
  3. Then select your country, citizenship, and, if you are a native of a visa-free nation, go to the registration webpage, which will include the following elements.
  4. At last, start filling out the given form, and after entering all the details, press submit.
  5. Agree with the terms & conditions by clicking on the box.

Norms for vaccinated tourists

The following are the few requirements for vaccinated visitors throughout the enrollment process:

  • Choose one of the vaccines specified in the Vaccine Category box that the government of Saudi Arabia has authorized.
  • Saudi Arabia’s statutory health departments will validate the vaccination certificates.
  • Take necessary approvals with you when you exit the country.
  • Enter details within 72 hours before leaving your country for Saudi Arabia.
  • The Facts will be attested by airline officials when flying permit issuance at airport entrances.
  • Install the Tawakkalna app from the google store to get an immune certificate.

Muqeem Portal Registration Procedure for Tourists who aren’t vaccinated

  1. Open the Muqeem portal. Choose the non-vaccinated visitor option.
  2. Then select your country, citizenship, and, if you are a native of a visa-free nation, go to the registration webpage, which will include the following elements.
  3. Read all the details before checking in the box of terms & conditions.
  4. The Last step is to click on submit button.

Norms for Non-vaccinated tourists

  • The following are the few requirements for vaccinated visitors throughout the enrollment process:
  • Enter your data 72 hours before your journey to Saudi Arabia.
  • The airport officials will validate the accuracy of the data entered when granting the boarding ticket.
  • If a tourist fails to adhere to rules, he will be prohibited from entering the country.
  • Install the Tawakkalna app from the google store.

Verification of registration on the Muqeem portal

To verify that your registration is accepted or not, follow the points mentioned below:

  1. Open the Muqeem portal’s registration page at
  2. Choose the “check registration” option.
  3. It will provide three options registration number, passport number, or iqama number; you can choose any of the three options.
  4. After selecting the option, a new page will appear on the screen, and then you have to press the “check” button.
  5. At last, a new web page will be open, and it will show the details of whether your registration Is accepted or not by the concerned authorities.

How to download the Tawakkalna app?

Comply with the following suggestion mentioned below to install the Tawakkalna app:

  1. Go to the google play store and type the Tawakkalna app
  2. The page will open where you will see the Tawakkalna app, and then press the “install” option
  3. Please extend it and register yourself on this app when installed.

We have given you sufficient details on registering yourself on the Muqeem portal. One has to be informed about the prevailing conditions of the coronavirus, and for that, you can download the mawid app. You also have to save yourself from contagious disease, so hygiene will be critical and need to be addressed.

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