5 Tools To Maximize Your Productivity In Academic Writing 2023

Academic writing requires thorough attention to detail. But, in the process, it also induces a lot of stress for the student or the writer. Hence, it puts a dent in productivity and causes issues with managing workload or other aspects of academic life.

Today, we’re looking at a few tools that’ll help academic writers or a student to maximize their productivity. So, let’s dive in.

Importance & Benefits of Maximizing Productivity in Academic Writing

improve academic writing productivity

Academic writing is an important part of the educational process. It is used to assess students’ understanding of a particular subject and their ability to convey their knowledge in a written form. However, it can be difficult to complete assignments on time and with the required quality.

Thus, maximizing productivity in academic writing can help students achieve better results while using less energy for more work. By improving their workload, students can earn better grades and become better writers at the same time.

With proper organization and planning, they will be able to manage their time more effectively and produce high-quality papers faster than ever before. Additionally, maximizing productivity in academic writing can also help them reduce stress levels and increase motivation for future tasks.

Best Tools For Maximizing Productivity In Academic Writing

Each of the tools you’re about to see focuses on one aspect of productivity. Whether it’s a process of removing plagiarism, correcting grammar, collaboration, or a simple matter of writing and tracking—these five tools will help you boost productivity. So, let’s begin.


Citation and reference management can be a hectic task for academic writers or students. That’s why you’re going to need EndNote. EndNote is a citation management tool that helps researchers, students, and writers store and organizes their citations.

It enables users to quickly find, organize and cite references from a wide range of sources, including:

  • Books;
  • Journal articles;
  • Websites and other digital media.

Moreover, EndNote also allows users to easily create bibliographies in various formats such as APA, MLA, or Chicago style. With its powerful search & management capabilities, EndNote makes it easy for users to find the right information quickly and accurately.

Google Docs & Sheets (Google Suite)

To manage your tasks and keep track of them, you’re going to need two of the key aspects of Google Suite: Google Docs and Google Sheets. First, Google Docs is a powerful and versatile online document editor that allows users to create, edit, collaborate and share documents with ease. It offers a range of features such as:

  • Real-time collaboration.
  • Version History.
  • Templates and more.

With Google Docs, you can quickly create documents from scratch or upload existing ones to make changes. You can also invite others to collaborate on the same document in real-time, allowing for faster workflows. Google Docs also makes it easy to share your documents with anyone who has access to the internet.

Second, Google Sheets is an incredibly powerful tool for academic writing. It allows students to quickly and easily organize their data, create charts and graphs, and collaborate with their peers in real time.

Google Sheets also provides a range of features that make it easier to analyze data and draw meaningful conclusions from it. Furthermore, Google Sheets allows students to share their work with other users around the world, enabling collaboration on projects across different time zones.

Plagiairsm Checker by Prepostseo

The plagiarism checker by Prepostseo is a necessary tool for maximizing your productivity with regard to academic writing. You may already be aware of the negative consequences of plagiarism in an academic write-up, but if you are not, here are a few:

  • Automatic failing grade in your assignment.
  • Possibility of failing the entire course.
  • Bad academic reputation.
  • Rejection of thesis or research papers.
  • Black listing from academic circles.

So, you can see why it is important to check whether your academic write-up is plagiarism free or not. You can do that easily with the plagiarism checker by Prepostseo. Let’s see a demonstration to show its efficacy. In the image below, there is a picture of the intro of a HubSpot article.

We are going to use this text as our test material. We will paste this text in the plagiarism checker and see if it is correctly detected as plagiarized, and whether HubSpot is listed as the source or not. So, let’s check it out.

Plagiarism Checker Interface
Plagiarism Checker Interface
Plagiarism Checker Output
Plagiarism Checker Output

As you can see the content has been flagged as plagiarized. Apart from this, we can see that the content that is plagiarized is underlined with a bold red line. So, the users can instantly see which parts they need to revise. It also lists the sources that have been plagiarized along with their URLs.

All of this is important information that helps a writer to improve their academic write-up by dealing with plagiarism.


Summaries are an integral part of academic writing. The thing is, all academic writing is based on previously done research. The writer has to use the works of others to support their own arguments and disprove others. In a typical research paper (a classic example of academic writing), there is an entire section called “Literature Review.” In this section, the writer summarizes the works of others that they read to gather information.

Summarizing an entire article, in a few small paragraphs is not an easy feat. And that’s where you can utilize a great summarizing tool such as Summarizer.org.

This is a free tool that can help you with creating summaries. The summaries in question are extractive, meaning they are made using sentences from the source material verbatim. To test this tool out and show you its efficiency, we are going to summarize the “Importance & Benefits of Maximizing Productivity in Academic Writing” section of this article.

As you can see the text was reduced from 125 words to a mere 66 words; almost half of the original length. So, clearly, this tool works and works well. There are a bunch of features that make this even better, such as:

  • A slider for controlling the summary length.
  • Option for displaying the summary as bullet points.
  • Options for displaying the best line of the original text.
  • Multiple language support.
  • Option for downloading the results.

With such features and functionality, this summarizing tool is really suited for academic writing. It can help writers shorten any text that they feel is too long, thus, keeping things concise and to the point.


However, paraphrasing is not easy for everyone to do. It is mostly used, for using large parts of other people’s work without quoting as well as improving the readability of the original text. So, what do people who cannot paraphrase very well themselves do? Well, they can simply rely on a paraphrasing tool such as Paraphraser.io.

To show you its efficacy, we are going to use a portion of this article and run it through the tool.  Here’s what we got:

Paraphraser Interface
Paraphraser.io Interface along with input and output

The changes made by the paraphraser are emboldened and written in cyan colour. It is apparent that the tool has changed not only words but also phrases. The changes have made the text easier to read as well by using words that are more common.

This kind of tool helps academic writers with quotes, reducing the reading difficulty, and helping them articulate their thoughts better. This can help enhance their productivity. The good thing is that Paraphraser.io is freemium, so, you can use it without registering or paying upfront.


These are the five best tools you can use today to maximize your productivity. Not only do these help with various aspects of writing, but they are also key aspects of academic content. All of these tools help you save time in one way or another and help you improve your content while helping you be productive without any hassle or time consumption.

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