Manipur Woman Paraded Video: Two Women Paraded Naked Video Viral at Reddit & Twitter

Once again a shameful incident of Manipur is in the news. A video of Two Kuki-Zo Tribal Women Paraded Naked is going viral. The original videos are viral on our social media platforms like Reddit & Twitter. This incident has disturbed the whole Nation with such kinds of things.

The story of cinema, which we believed is just a story drama, seems true after this event. In the state of Manipur, a few people are forcing two women to be naked and make a video of them. The video was leaked on 19 July over various platforms.

Manipur Woman Paraded Video

manipur women viral video

The Manipur Women Video Date is 04 May 2023. In the video, the offenders are forcing the ladies to be naked. After that, they forced them to move around the village. The things are not stopped even there, later they gang-raped them.

The incident is reported by a Journalist of Manipur. He reported it to the leading newspaper “The Hindu”. After committing the whole incident the women were found in an open posture which is hilarious news for all humans. This type of incident is killing humanity.

About Manipur Woman Paraded Video News?

Today on 20th July, an event of the Indigenous Tribal Leader Forum’s is planned to happen. And the video of the crime was released on various social media channels yesterday, a day before the event. The video was shared with the purpose to aware people about the state circumstances, the condition of the victim tribal group and the culprits as well.

After the release of the video, the police filed a case against this crime. The state police are working hard to close the case ASAP. The officials gave a statement that action will taken against all the people who were involved in this incident.

Two Manipur Women Paraded Original Video Viral On Reddit & Twitter

As per the report, the video is showing the condition of the victims who were feeling helpless. The video was created by the culprits and they made it viral intentionally. The Paraded videos are getting viral on various social media platforms like Reddit & Twitter. The incident has totally broken the victims.

According to the report, this is not the only case of such type in Manipur. Many incidents had happened in the state in which the victim was children or women. In such a situation, a political angel is also created and opposition is demanding the resignation of the current Chief Minister.

These types of incidents are disturbing the whole nation. In such a situation, we request everyone to not spread such kind of video to anyone. This is not an entertainment thing. If you found any type of inappropriate content our social media report it instead of spreading it.

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