LIC IPO Allotment Date 2022, GMP, Share Price, Lot Size News

LIC IPO Allotment Date, LIC Share Price Expectations, Latest  LIC IPO GMP & Lot Size Availability: All Indian Investors are super excited about India’s Largest-ever Initial Public Offering. Yes, we are talking about LIC IPO. The government of India is going to dilute the partial stake held by it in Life Insurance Corporation by launching its first IPO.

Through this LIC IPO, the Indian Government is inviting the public to participate in the ownership of LIC. After issuing shares, the LIC will also come under the regulations of SEBI. The Draft Red Herring Prospectus i.e. DRHP for LIC IPO has already been filled. Check LIC IPO Allotment Status.

Latest Update

It was informed in the press conference that the price band of ₹902 to ₹949 has been fixed for this mega IPO of the state-run insurance company. This IPO will have 15 shares in one lot. This means that if you want to invest in this IPO, you have to buy at least 15 shares. In this way, every investor will have to invest at least ₹14,235 to get a share in this IPO.

Through this page, you will learn everything about LIC IPO 2022. You will know about the LIC IPO Launch Date, Face Value, Issue Size, LIC IPO Price, GMP, Lot Size, Reservation for employees and Policyholder, etc. So, read till the end. Even after that, if you have some doubts or questions then write to us using the comment section provided below.

  • LIC IPO Discount for Retail and Employees: Rs 45/-
  • LIC IPO Discount for Policy Holders: Rs 60/-

Launch Date for LIC IPO 2022, Share Price Availability

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As per the information gathered from the leading news agencies, the LIC IPO will be launched in the last week of April 2022. This is going to be the IPO of the largest government-owned insurance company i.e. Life Insurance Corporation. The issue size of LIC IPO is around Rs. 70 to 80 thousand crores. The LIC IPO is likely to launch in the last week of April 2022.

Highlights of LIC IPO 2022
LIC IPO Opening Date May 4, 2022
LIC IPO Last Date May 9, 2022
Issue Type Book Built Issue Initial Public Offering
Face Value ₹10 per Equity Share
LIC IPO Price Expected between ₹902 to ₹949 per share
Issue Size and Offer for Sale 316,249,885 Equity Shares of ₹10 each
Listing at BSE and NSE
Market Lot Size 15
LIC IPO Allotment Date May 12, 2022
Reservation Benefits Employees of LIC and LIC Policyholders

The expected LIC IPO Launch Date lies between 25th to 29th April 2022. We will update this page when the government will announce the opening and closing date for LIC IPO 2022.

As per the latest LIC IPO News, the Government may increase the size of the LIC Share Sale. Earlier, they decided to issue IPO for raising funds around Rs. 60000 crores by selling its 5% stake. But, now, they are planning to sell up to a 6.5% stake of LIC depending on the investor interest.

LIC IPO Price 2022

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The LIC has not announced the IPO Price Yet. They will make an official announcement about the LIC IPO Price 2022 only a few days before the offer opens. The expected LIC IPO Price will range between Rs. 1500 to Rs. 3200 Per share.

As per the DRHP i.e. draft red herring prospectus, the LIC is offering for sale up its 5% of the equity stake of 31,62,49,885 equity shares of Face Value of Rs. 10. There will be no fresh issue of shares.

How to buy LIC IPO Online?

The LIC IPO will be listed on the leading stock exchanges i.e. BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) and NSE (National Stock Exchange). To buy LIC IPO Online, you must have your DEMAT Account.

You can book for IPO from websites and apps like angleone,, zerodha, etc. You can use your UPI id as a payment method. For this, you have to inform your broker to submit the IPO Application using your UPI ID.

Check Benefits of Reservation to LIC Policyholders and LIC Employees in IPO

The Government has reserved 5% of LIC IPO Share for LIC Employees and approx 10% portion for LIC Policyholders. The maximum reservation benefit is available for investing up to Rs. 2 lakh. Employees and Policyholders will also get a chance to book LIC IPO at a discounted rate.

But, LIC Policy Holders should connect their PAN to their Policy. This can be done easily via the online mode from the official website of LIC. You can also take help from the employees of LIC.

Is LIC IPO Good or Bad?

Everyone is talking about LIC IPO. Investors are excited about the launch of India’s biggest IPO. LIC Policyholders and Employees are provided extra reservation benefits to invest in IPO. This has also raised the interest of Non-investors to invest in LIC IPO. But, when there is money involved, the risk is also involved. So, everyone is asking – Is LIC IPO Good or Bad? Should I invest in LIC IPO or not? Is LIC IPO worth buying?

Well, you can get answers to such questions about LIC IPO online. Many youtube videos are also uploaded providing answers to such questions. But, the ultimate decision is yours. You should check the following details before investing in IPO:

  • About the Company: their Business, Potential, Profits, future projects, Management, etc.
  • Purpose of raising funds through IPO.

LIC is one of the biggest and oldest Insurance Companies in India. As of 2019, the Life Insurance Corporation of India had a total life fund of ₹28.3 trillion. The total value of vendor programs in the time 2018 – 19 is ₹21.4 million. Life Insurance Corporation of India settled 26 million claims in 2018 – 19. It has 290 million policyholders.

Life Insurance Corporation invests in various sectors like banks, cement, chemicals, electronics, finance, and investments, healthcare, hotels, textiles, transportation, transportation & logistics, electrical and electronics, engineering, construction, etc.

Final Words: In our opinion, LIC IPO is worth buying. What is your opinion about LIC IPO 2022? Do share in the comment section. Thank You.

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  1. How much amount shall a Policy Holder have to invest for One Lot.. shall the policy holder mention his policy number while applying for IPO, or the PAN connected to the Demat account linked will search the connected LIC POLICY. Automatically.

  2. Great decision, will bring better accountability and innovation

  3. What benifit for policy holders

    • 10% discounted priced IPO share

  4. Price band is very high it’s not good range shall be between 1000-1200

    • This stock is not for a quick in and out scheme. Just put more money every month just like you put it in LIC policy.

  5. I think issue price between 800 to 1100 is the best ,,, 1500 to 3200 is scary for all retail investors.

  6. Again govt is looting public money,huge capital high premium round the clock and corner good batting by Sarkar.Rich are more rich,poor are below par keep it up 👍

  7. The listing of lic IPO may not be gainful to the investors, but the dividend yield will be “Never before” for sure.

  8. Very bad decision of government of India

    • Next time they will ask you for any decision

  9. Finer points of LIC IPO will be known only after after the price band is announced. Everyone ,particularly the small investors and policyholders wish the pricing should be attractive and leave something on the table like IRCTC. Let us wait and see.


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