IPL Schedule 2023 Time Table, Fixtures, Venues, List of All Teams

TATA IPL 2023 Schedule PDF. Indian Premier League 2023 Schedule Team. List of All Teams in TATA IPL t20 Tournament. Check Match Schedule for All Teams, Match Venues, and Name of Stadiums. 

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is one of the most highly-anticipated cricket tournaments in the world. The league, which features some of the best players from India and around the world, is set to begin on 1 April 2023.

The tournament will feature ten teams, each playing 14 matches. The teams will play against each other twice, once at their home stadium and once away. The top four teams at the end of the league stage will advance to the playoffs, where they will compete in the Qualifier 1, Eliminator, and Qualifier 2 matches to determine the winner of the tournament.

The tournament will kick off with a match between Gujarat Titans and Rajasthan Royals. The tournament will be played in ten venues across India, with the final match set to take place on 04 June 2023. We have no information regarding the final match where it would be played.

TATA IPL Match Schedule 2023

One of the unique aspects of the IPL schedule is that it features a “double header” on Sundays, where two matches will be played back-to-back. This allows fans to catch more live action in one day and also makes it easier for teams to schedule their matches.

ipl schedule match dates

Here we are adding a tentative schedule for IPL 2023. However, the BCCI can make changes as per their requirements.

Date Teams and Match Venue Time (IST)
01-Apr-2023 GT vs RR 7:30 PM
02-Apr-2023 DC vs MI 3:30 PM
02-Apr-2023 PBKS vs RCB 7:30 PM
03-Apr-2023 CSK vs LSG 7:30 PM
04-Apr-2023 SRH vs KKR 7:30 PM
05-Apr-2023 RCB vs KKR 7:30 PM
06-Apr-2023 LSG vs CSK 7:30 PM
07-Apr-2023 KKR vs PBKS 7:30 PM
08-Apr-2023 MI vs RR 3:30 PM
08-Apr-2023 GT vs DC 7:30 PM
09-Apr-2023 CSK vs PBKS 7:30 PM
10-Apr-2023 SRH vs LSG 7:30 PM
11-Apr-2023 RR vs RCB 7:30 PM
12-Apr-2023 KKR vs MI 7:30 PM
13-Apr-2023 LSG vs DC 7:30 PM
14-Apr-2023 PBKS vs GT 7:30 PM
15-Apr-2023 CSK vs SRH 3:30 PM
15-Apr-2023 RCB vs MI 7:30 PM
16-Apr-2023 KKR vs DC 3:30 PM
16-Apr-2023 RR vs LSG 7:30 PM
17-Apr-2023 SRH vs GT 7:30 PM
18-Apr-2023 CSK vs RCB 7:30 PM
19-Apr-2023 MI vs PBKS 7:30 PM
20-Apr-2023 RR vs GT 7:30 PM
21-Apr-2023 SRH vs KKR 7:30 PM
22-Apr-2023 MI vs LSG 3:30 PM
22-Apr-2023 DC vs RCB 7:30 PM
23-Apr-2023 PBKS vs SRH 3:30 PM
23-Apr-2023 GT vs CSK 7:30 PM
24-Apr-2023 RR vs KKR 7:30 PM
25-Apr-2023 LSG vs RCB 7:30 PM
26-Apr-2023 DC vs PBKS 7:30 PM
27-Apr-2023 MI vs CSK 7:30 PM
28-Apr-2023 DC vs RR 7:30 PM
29-Apr-2023 KKR vs GJ 3:30 PM
29-Apr-2023 RCB vs SRH 7:30 PM
30-Apr-2023 LSG vs MI 7:30 PM
01-May-2023 PBKS vs CSK 7:30 PM
02-May-2023 RCB vs RR 7:30 PM
03-May-2023 GT vs SRH 7:30 PM
04-May-2023 DC vs KKR 7:30 PM
05-May-2023 PBKS vs LSG 7:30 PM
06-May-2023 GT vs RCB 3:30 PM
06-May-2023 RR vs MI 7:30 PM
07-May-2023 DC vs LSG 3:30 PM
07-May-2023 SRH vs CSK 7:30 PM
08-May-2023 KKR vs RR 7:30 PM
09-May-2023 GT vs PBKS 7:30 PM
10-May-2023 RCB vs CSK 7:30 PM
11-May-2023 DC vs SRH 7:30 PM
12-May-2023 GT vs MI 7:30 PM
13-May-2023 PBKS vs RR 3:30 PM
13-May-2023 LSG vs KKR 7:30 PM
14-May-2023 SRH vs RCB 3:30 PM
14-May-2023 CSK vs DC 7:30:PM
15-May-2023 MI vs KKR 7:30 PM
16-May-2023 LSG vs GT 7:30 PM
17-May-2023 RR vs DC 7:30 PM
18-May-2023 CSK vs MI 7:30 PM
19-May-2023 RCB vs PBKS 7:30 PM
20-May-2023 KKR vs SRH 7:30 PM
21-May-2023 CSK vs GT 3:30 PM
21-May-2023 LSG vs RR 7:30 PM
22-May-2023 PBKS vs DC 7:30 PM
23-May-2023 MI vs SRH 7:30 PM
24-May-2023 KKR vs LSG 7:30 PM
25-May-2023 RCB vs GT 7:30 PM
26-May-2023 RR vs CSK 7:30 PM
27-May-2023 MI vs DC 7:30 PM
28-May-2023 SRH vs PBKS 7:30 PM
04-Jun-2023 FINAL 7:30 PM

The IPL schedule is also designed to ensure that each team has an equal number of home and away matches. This is important for fairness and also helps to create a more competitive league.

Overall, the IPL schedule is designed to provide fans with a thrilling and action-packed tournament, featuring some of the best players in the world. With a mix of home and away matches, doubleheaders, and a playoff format that keeps the excitement going until the very end, the 2023 IPL season will surely be one to remember.

List of Teams Participating in TATA IPL 2023

  • Rajasthan Royals ( RR)
  • Mumbai Indians ( MI)
  • Punjab Kings ( PBSK)
  • Chennai Super Kings ( CSK)
  • Delhi Capitals ( DC)
  • Royal Challengers Bangalore ( RCB)
  • Kolkata Knight Riders ( KKR)
  • Gujarat Titans ( GT)
  • Sunrise Hyderabad ( SRH)
  • Lucknow Super Joints (LSG)

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