Gautami Patil Video MMS Leaked, Lavani Dancer was changing clothes in this Viral Video

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Recently, Gautami Patil (Lavani Dancer) filed a case at the Vimantal police station in Pune. She stated that someone recorded her private video secretly while she was changing clothes during an event. The Maharashtra Police has registered the F.I.R. against an unidentified person.

On various social media platforms, numerous photos of Gautami Patil that are very offensive are shared by users. These photographs are so offensive that they cannot even be displayed.

Gautami Patil requests the police to catch the culprit as soon as possible. The unknown person created a fake account on Instagram and uploaded the alleged video. The police are clueless in order to find the culprit.

Gautami Patil Leaked Viral Video 2023 Online Link

gautami patil leaked viral video

The viral video was shared from two social media accounts. But still, the police fail to catch the culprit.

What’s happening in Gautami Patil Viral Video Case?

Fans and the general masses are also angry about this case. Earlier, many intimate videos of Bollywood celebrities and other popular celebrities have also gone viral due to which they faced serious problems in their career and otherwise. As a result, most of the time it is the women who have to bear the shame and humiliation as intimate clips go viral under their names.

Rupali Chakankar chairperson of the State women’s commission has also shared her thoughts on Twitter. Now the Maharashtra police are investigating all the facts. The police are also looking at the possibility of any personal revenge or blackmail angel.

The truth about Gautami Patil’s Leaked MMS Video?

It is asserted in the video that the young woman who can be seen in the footage is none other than Gautami Patil. However, neither an official confirmation of this nor a response from Gautami Patil’s side has been made public yet. Neither of these things has occurred.

This is something that has not been confirmed by either. However, the demand for conversations on Twitter is really high. Some people believe that this video is false, while others believe that an attempt is being made to smear Gautami’s reputation.

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