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Download Voter ID, Track Voter ID Application, Verify Digital Voter ID Card Online: Governments are actually trying to make all types of services available in a digital format, as you are all likely aware. In addition, digital voter ID cards have been introduced by the Indian electoral commission. The National Voter Service Portal’s official website offers a PDF version of this card, which can be downloaded and brought with you. You will find detailed instructions on downloading a digital voter ID card in this article.

In addition, you will learn more information about the goals, advantages, features, eligibility, needed paperwork, etc. This voter identification card will also be used as identification because it contains the holder’s name, address, and other information. You must follow the instructions provided on this page if you want to download your voter ID card.

Digital Voter ID Card Download

PDF format can be used to access the electronic voting card. The holder has the option of printing it out or laminating it. The holder of the digital voting card can’t make any changes to it because it’s in PDF format. The digital voting card can either be downloaded to a computer or stored in the phone’s Digilocker application.


Both of these options are available in Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Assam, and Pondicherry the four states and the union territory that permitted voters to use digital ID cards on election day.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The applicant must reside in India permanently.
  • The applicant’s age must be at least 18 years old.
  • The issuance of this voter ID card has been authorised for all registered voters with valid ID numbers.
  • The digital voter ID card can be obtained by new voters who registered at the 2021 Special Summary Examination for those who applied in November or December 2020.

How To Download Digital Voter ID Card Through App?

The following is a list of the steps that need to be taken in order to download the digital voter ID card.

  1. The applicant should be required to go to the National Voter Service Portal (NSVP) website first.
  2. then select the option to register a new voter ID on the website’s home page.
  3. The applicant will now see “form no. 6” on their computer screen.
  4. Open the form after that and fill it out with all the necessary information.
  5. Click the submit button to finish submitting the form.
  6. The nominee must also upload all necessary documents, including proofs of address, signature, and photo. You will also receive a reference number for monitoring the status of your application.

Benefits And The Features Of Digital Voter ID Card

  • In India, a voter ID card is required in order to cast a ballot.
  • Additionally, the voter’s identification is verified by this voter ID card.
  • The Indian Election Commission has unveiled the Digital Voter ID Card, often known as the E-EPIC or elector image identification card.
  • It is available for download in PDF format from the reputable
  • Additionally, the holder can print and laminate it.
  • This card can also be kept in the Digilocker software on a smartphone.
  • A person who maintains this card may be referred to as an Indian voter.
  • This voter identification card is not editable.
  • This card includes photos and demographic information like a serial number and part number, along with a secure QR code.
  • This card can be downloaded at the National Voter Service portal’s voter portal or voter helpline mobile application.
  • To download this card, you can also use the form reference numbers.
  • This card has a file size of 250 KB.

Documents Required For Digital Voter ID Card

The following documents are needed to apply for a voter ID card:

  • Identity document (Aadhar card)
  • Residential evidence
  • Passport Size Photo
  • Signature

How To Verify Digital Voter ID Card?

There are many fake voting cards in the nation, therefore a candidate’s voting card could occasionally raise suspicions.

In this situation, the candidate must visit the closest polling place or the chief electoral officer’s website.

They must input their name and confirm that their information is listed among the voters. It is crucial to notify the CEO by email or other means if there is a problem.

  • You must first go to the National Voters services webpage (NVSP).
  • Then select “search in electoral roll” from the menu.
  • Enter your details now, including your name, age, gender, the name of the candidate’s father, state, district, and constituency, among many others.
  • Now finally, confirm it.

Guidelines For Applying for Digital Voter ID Card

The following recommendations should be followed by the applicant for a voter ID card.

  1. The applicant must be at least 18 years old to be eligible.
  2. The applicant must be of sound mind and have no prior convictions or bankruptcies.
  3. The applicant must complete form 6 and upload all of the necessary documents listed on the form. The files must all be originals.
  4. The best place to purchase voter ID cards is via a government website or a website that has been approved by the government.
  5. There are no private websites or other parties that could compromise an Indian voter ID card.
  6. Form 6 demands that all of the information on it be accurate and free of spelling errors. Legal accuracy is required for every document provided. The aspirant is required to carefully prove all documents.

Process To Track The Voter ID Application

Candidates can keep track of their candidacy via the most recent update of the online voter card. On the state election commission’s website, the check can be made.

There is an electoral commission for each state. To track the progress of your request, adhere to the actions listed below.

  • You must first go to CEO’s official e-commerce portal (chief electoral officer).
  • Select the “know the voter ID status” option on the website’s home page after that.
  • You can now view the most recent status of your application form.

On the national voter services portal, you may also look at the status of your applications.

  • To track an application’s status, select “track application status” from the National Voters’ Service Portal’s home page.
  • The application number or EPIC number must then be entered.
  • You’ll now be required to provide the following information.
  1. Name of the Candidate
  2. Date of Birth Of Candidate (Dob)
  3. Candidate’s Gender
  4. State or Union Territory
  5. District Constituency
  6. Name of the candidate’s father

Finally, select “search” to acquire all the information you need about the status of your voter ID card.

What To Do If You Not Received Voter ID?

It is possible that despite applying for a voter ID card, you never got one. The actions to be taken in the circumstance are as follows:

  • You can start by going to the “election commission of India official “‘s website or the election official who is located closest to you.
  • You must have obtained a reference number after submitting Form 6. Together with everything else, enter that number.
  • Select “Track status” from the menu now.
  • Finally, you can track your programme and view the most recent version of its status.

Visit the National Voter Service (NVSP) page to upload your duplicate voter ID.

The next step is to click “Find your name in the electoral lists” and then complete the necessary fields. You’ll be able to download a temporary digital voter ID card with this.

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