COVID 19 XE Variant Symptoms, Vaccine, & Treatment

COVID XE Variant Symptoms, Working Vaccine, & New Variant’s Treatment – The first case of the new variant XE of COVID-19 was detected in the United Kingdom in January 2022. The WHO is considering it to be 10 times more infectious than the BA.2 variant. There is the latest update about COVID-19 XE Variant in India.

The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has once again increased. Over the past few weeks, many countries in Asia and Europe have been facing the fourth wave of coronavirus. The reason for the sudden increase in new cases is believed to be the omicron subvariant BA.2 of the corona. In this hour of crisis, researchers have discovered a new XE variant of the corona.

The new variant of Corona XE seems to be making an entry in India. This case of Corona has been found in Mumbai, Maharashtra. In such a situation, there is now a possibility that its infection may spread to other parts of the country. Since January 2022, more than 600 cases have been found in the world. The XE variant is the mutational form of the omicron.

The latter is far more contagious than the omicron. So far the good thing is that in all the people found to be infected in the world, it has not shown any dangerous signs. However, the Covid XE variant has not been confirmed by the Health Ministry till the time of writing the news. According to ANI, there is no evidence that the new variant has arrived in India.

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What is COVID-19 XE Variant?

covid 19 xe variant symptoms

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the XE variant is made up of two variants of the corona, BA.1 and BA.2. and it is 10 times more infectious than BA.2. However, it is necessary to study more on the seriousness of this matter. At the moment, the highest number of cases of the BA.2 variant are being reported in the world.

The BA.2 variant is said to be the reason for the new wave of covid in other countries of the world including China, UK, Germany, USA. It is not only more infectious than BA.1 and BA.3. It’s also not easy to detect. Hence ba.2 is also being called the ‘stealth variant’.

According to the who, it is currently responsible for 86 per cent of the world’s infections. In such a situation, initial investigations have revealed that Covid 19 XE variant is 10 times more infectious than omicron. So far, three hybrid strains of Corona have been identified which are XD, XF, and XE variants.

What are the COVID XE Variant Symptoms?

If we talk about its severity, the organization has said that given the current situation it is difficult to say how deadly it is but knowing its symptoms and signs can help avoid this infection. Let’s know about this new variant of Corona and its symptoms.

Since the study on this variant is going on right now. In such a situation, early symptoms such as fever, sore throat, cough, mucus and cold, stomach problems can be seen. Apart from this, the new variant can be more dangerous for people already suffering from serious diseases.

Covid XE Variant Vaccine

Since this is a mutation of the omicron itself, there is every possibility that the new variant will be affected by the vaccine. Because due to a large number of vaccinations during the third wave in India, the effect of the omicron was not the same as in the second wave.

Experts say there is currently no clarity on whether the new variant will cause another wave in India. Therefore, experts warn that people should continue to follow Covid precautions.

What is the status of corona in India right now?

According to the data released by the health ministry on Wednesday morning, India has reported 1,086 new cases of covid-19 in a day. The number of people who have been infected with coronavirus in the country so far has increased to 4,30,30,925. The total death toll has risen to 5,21,487.

At present, 11,871 patients are undergoing treatment. Currently, the national recovery rate of patients is 98.76%. So far, 185 crore vaccine doses have been administered. According to an ANI report, the government sources also clarified that the currently available evidence does not indicate the existence of the XE variant of coronavirus in India.

COVID XE variant was reported to be less severe than the Delta variant in children under the age of five. Earlier, the Greater Mumbai Municipal Corporation had said that in routine tests, one of the two patients was found to have the ‘Kappa’ variant and the other had the ‘XE’ variant.

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