Countries Supporting Ukraine and Russia, Complete List with Reasons

Which Countries support Ukraine and which ones are with Russia? Check the Latest List & Reasons for the support: Back in March 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin declared a military operation on Ukraine drawing worldwide condemnation. As the disaster between Ukraine and Russia deepens, the world has been divided into parts for the primary time in 40 years since the end of the cold war.

Many nations have already announced sanctions on Moscow following Russia’s order of troops into the rebellion ‘republics’ of Donetsk and Luhansk. But sanctions will, to a point, cut both approaches.

Russia is not just a prime player in the oil and gas business, but additionally a massive participant in a number of other commodities and minerals. Although those may be sourced from someplace else, there may be a fee spike and possible shortages.

Here is the list of countries supporting the Russian Invasion of Ukraine and the Countries Supporting Ukraine and are against Russia in this war.

Russian-Ukraine War Updates November 2022

Countries Supporting Russia or Ukraine

As the Russia-Ukraine war approaches Day 50, US President Joe Biden has said Putin’s conflict in Ukraine adds up to annihilation and blamed the Russian president for attempting to clear out being a Ukrainian.

Biden’s assertion came a day after Putin promised to proceed with the military offensive until its objectives are satisfied. In the interim, Russian soldiers are presently zeroing in on eastern Ukraine and are preparing for a significant hostile in Donbas. Stay with us for the Russia-Ukraine war Updates.

Countries supporting Ukraine and are against the Russian Invasion

Here, we are telling you about the countries that are supporting Ukraine and condemning Russia for invasion. All founding NATO Countries are against the Russian Invasion. Out of 30 members of NATO, there are 12 countries that are founding members of NATO and they all are coming forward in support of Ukraine.

The list of NATO Countries supporting Ukraine and condemning the Russian Invasion is provided below:

Founding Members of NATO: Canada, Belgium, Denmark, France, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, United Kingdom, and the United States.

Other Members of NATO: Greece, Turkey, Germany, Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Albania, Croatia, Montenegro, and North Macedonia.

Here are some incidents where NATO countries and Other Countries are showing their support to Ukraine in the war with Russia:

  • Canadian Defense Minister, Anita Anand, expressed that up to 150 Canadian Armed Forces staff will be sent to Poland on a philanthropic mission to help Ukrainian refugees.
  • Leaders of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia visited Ukraine for showing their support.
  • Australia expands sanctions on Russian state-possessed endeavours. Australia forced sanctions on 14 Russian state-owned undertakings to undermine Russia’s capacity to continue funding Putin’s war.
  • The United States and Britain have supported Ukraine firmly. The European nations of NATO and Germany, Japan, South Korea, Australia, and Canada all are supporting Ukraine.

Countries supporting Russia in the war with Ukraine

A few countries are also supporting Russia in the invasion of Ukraine either directly or indirectly.

Belarus is the biggest supporter of Russia and has allowed Russian Troops to enter Ukraine from its territory.
Other Russian Supporting Countries in the war with Ukraine are Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, and Kyrgyzstan.

Indirectly, a few countries are in support of the Russian Invasion or acting not to be in favour or against any country i.e. Russia or Ukraine. These countries are:

  • Syria has expressed its support for Moscow’s recognization of the republics in eastern Ukraine.
  • Iran has justified Russian Invasion Moves by saying it is rooted in NATO Provocations.
  • UAE and Saudi Arabia have refused to condemn Russian actions. They are acting as neutral.
  • Kazakhstan has stayed away from public analysis however not favoured Russia and chose not to send troops for a joint military activity.
  • Armenia has cast a vote against removing Russia from the Council of Europe however has kept a low profile on the invasion.

The world also wants to know India is supporting which country – Russia or Ukraine in the war? Well, the answer to this question is that India is acting diplomatically. They have good relations with both countries. They are showing sympathy for Ukraine and at the same time, they are not condemning the actions of the Russian Invasion openly.

What are your opinions about the Russia-Ukraine War? Do mention it in the comment section. Thank You.

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  1. Ukraine is defending enthusiastically.without any support from major countries,they were fighting powerful they are!

  2. The Russians are right . The American Anglo allies are the ones responsible for over 80 percent of the wars on earth yet they justify themselves as good samaritans.

  3. As a Ukrainian, I want to sincerely believe that most of the comments here are left by bots. Otherwise, what is wrong with y'all…

    • I’m not a bot and I support ending the war in Ukraine!
      If for anything do it for the kids, that would be the most honorably and noblest action someone in power can do right now.
      I’ll never understand how people can be so selfish and completely soaked in power that wars happen. My goodness it’s one person telling thousands to go kill. Why do we listen to one person especially if they’re insane? Don’t we have more brains and self awareness, maybe some independence than that??? We claim to have our own opinions all the time and fight for free speech like it’s the biggest deal in the world over here in the US. How about some silence and using your brain for once. How about fighting for the starving kids around the world? Instead of worrying about some stupid tweet that was oh no taken down! I feel like people that are selfish and think that this war is good for whatever reasons should be put there in the heat of it.
      Then after a few months ask them what good it’s doing.
      I went off on a tangent there but I get frustrated this is why I live away from people, things are starting to look up tho people are awakening in a positive way, it’s all good until I read idiot posts. I said my peace.
      Love will always win

      • This is the problem. People here are defending and justifying one madman in power. Most of the comments here sound like "They have corruption in their country, so they deserve to die." "They wanted to join NATO, so they deserve to die." "They ask for help and get it, so they deserve to die."
        Either Russian propaganda works so well in other countries, or I really don't understand what's wrong with people.

    • As a Chinese,I think Russia is a fascism state.

  4. The way I see it, The the majority of world, support Russia. That is Asian, Africans, South Americans, the Middle Eastern countries. The reason is the hypocrisy of the Western nations, Who try to claim the moral high ground for humanity. An yet they have been responsible for all the wars since end of the second world war especially the Anglo American world power. Who has instigated these wars and supported them by removing legitimate government from power. Such as Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Iran, Cuba, Vietnam, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Chile, Bolivia, Taiwan, Myanmar, Chechen, Namibia, Bikini Atoll, Panama. Ukraine, and many others. The Western alliance made up of European Union, Britain, United States, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Canada, and some others, which is only 40% of the world population. There are exception, India, has the largest democracy,
    and refuses to commit either way. Turkey, on the hand is part of Nato but refuses to condemn Russia for its invasion of Ukraine. Saudi Arabia has basically flipped over to the Chinese and Russian side, giving the US and its western allies the middle finger. The UN was set up to prevent nations from going to war with each other, but it lacks authority. All that power resides in those nation who have the economic and military power. But all of this was foretold according to the book of Daniel 2: 44. and a promise of true peace and security, Psalms 37: 10,11,29. Revelation. 21: 34. Revelation 13, and 17.

    • Although it’s sad to see the future kids displaced it does give the world to shift their values and ban all wept S and instead send loving thoughts, prayers , vibrations and give Russian love as love will and never fails as the vibration of love always win. I love you all of Russian and all of Ukrainian alike. Please se the dead bodies and smell the Caracas and soften your hearts as your mother will not want to see you beautiful soul fight as she nurtured you with love and tenderness so please love and accept yourself with affection and both side please unarm and love each other as love always win and an eye for an eye will cause everyone and everything to be in total blindness . I love you guys and pray for both sides as we are all human a loving heart so keep peeling our all the layers of malice and aversion and choose love .threw away the guns and run over the border and hug each other like you mean it.

    • You deem the war crimes perpetrated by Putin in Ukraine as acceptable then do you? His clearly intentional targeting of innocent children , some as young as 3 months, and the elderly, prove that Putin has absolutely no conscience about inflicting carnage and devastation on the people of Ukraine.
      As for your references to all that nonsense you spout about so -called biblical predictions. You have absolutely nothing to substantiate what is contained in that book of adult fairy tales.

  5. If only humans could use a clear mind and not allow their emotions to cloud their ability to see situations with clarity and compassion.
    War is an act of outstanding ignorance springing from fear , abuse of power, greed , paranoia and leaders who have lost their moral compass and who drag their citizens into their personal ideological vendettas with other leaders.
    In the end those around them are too afraid to advise honestly.
    They cannot back down for fear of losing face, but are happy to lose other’s lives.
    Our world has become very polarised and truth a victim of social media hijacking of measured, intelligent, thoughtful dialogue.
    The internet, for all its good points has its dark side. Algorithms tend to give us tunnel vision and rather than expand our perspective and understanding, it closes us down and feeds the ‘them and us’ beast.

    I noticed evidence of this in some of the comments. Old stereotypes trotted out, hate speech, rigid views etc.
    War is cruel and utterly destructive, it brings out the worst and diminishes us as a species.
    The planet has no boundaries, only humans put up walls to keep people in or out. Only humans live in the past and allow previous generations to dictate how WE live today.
    We are like children bickering in the playground .
    It is staggering the number of dictatorial leaders that have come to power in the last decade, with grandiose ideas of recapturing some old empire.

    Ordinary people generally get along with others and we certainly have no wish to go to war.
    We want a peaceful life with family and friends, a future for our children.
    Let’s not allow ourselves to be used and manipulated.
    Let’s not take sides and get into the blame game but press our governments to desist from any further bloodshed and engage in strong diplomacy.

    There really can be no justification to actively kill civilians , murdering children in particular who are entirely innocent.
    Whether with our vote or our voices we must all stand up for peace.

  6. Putin does the right thing as world power must balance,what about US invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan?the world keeps quite. Russia must invade whole Ukraine and get it over with, Ukraine allows itself to be a puppet of even Americans. it is dangerous to all Europe.

    • World power? You’re justifying war now? There was a lot of protest over the US wars a lot look it up. Kids are the innocent victims in all the chaos.
      No one including yourself gives a sh** about that huh. Have you ever lived in a country during war with kids? Keep your mouth shut until you have experience, cuz it’s very ignorant and cowardly.
      How about you go over to Ukraine and help the innocent victims of what you call just balancing out power.

    • why do you think that Ukraine is a puppet?Invasion is totally wrong.

      • What about the invasion of Iraq and Libya. Kids didn't die there? I heard a Ukrainian foolish women saying, " we are not middle east why attack us" . Where does your consciousness disappear when NATO was killing innocent children in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq Syria etc.

  7. All I can Say Is that Putin IS a nasty spiteful little person and the sooner the inner circle of Russian Politics can elect a strong, Intellectually competent Leader instead of the Fringe Dwelling Moron's like Putin and his Friend Lukashenko…

    • That’s right Steve, Putin needs to be stopped. He is an out of control deranged scum bag.
      Dangerous and a murder.
      Sounds like our once insane thankfully voted out president.


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