Countries Supporting Ukraine and Russia, Complete List with Reasons

Which Countries support Ukraine and which ones are with Russia? Check the Latest List & Reasons for the support: Back in March 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin declared a military operation on Ukraine drawing worldwide condemnation. As the disaster between Ukraine and Russia deepens, the world has been divided into parts for the primary time in 40 years since the end of the cold war.

Many nations have already announced sanctions on Moscow following Russia’s order of troops into the rebellion ‘republics’ of Donetsk and Luhansk. But sanctions will, to a point, cut both approaches.

Russia is not just a prime player in the oil and gas business, but additionally a massive participant in a number of other commodities and minerals. Although those may be sourced from someplace else, there may be a fee spike and possible shortages.

Here is the list of countries supporting the Russian Invasion of Ukraine and the Countries Supporting Ukraine and are against Russia in this war.

Russian-Ukraine War Updates November 2022

Countries Supporting Russia or Ukraine

As the Russia-Ukraine war approaches Day 50, US President Joe Biden has said Putin’s conflict in Ukraine adds up to annihilation and blamed the Russian president for attempting to clear out being a Ukrainian.

Biden’s assertion came a day after Putin promised to proceed with the military offensive until its objectives are satisfied. In the interim, Russian soldiers are presently zeroing in on eastern Ukraine and are preparing for a significant hostile in Donbas. Stay with us for the Russia-Ukraine war Updates.

Countries supporting Ukraine and are against the Russian Invasion

Here, we are telling you about the countries that are supporting Ukraine and condemning Russia for invasion. All founding NATO Countries are against the Russian Invasion. Out of 30 members of NATO, there are 12 countries that are founding members of NATO and they all are coming forward in support of Ukraine.

The list of NATO Countries supporting Ukraine and condemning the Russian Invasion is provided below:

Founding Members of NATO: Canada, Belgium, Denmark, France, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, United Kingdom, and the United States.

Other Members of NATO: Greece, Turkey, Germany, Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Albania, Croatia, Montenegro, and North Macedonia.

Here are some incidents where NATO countries and Other Countries are showing their support to Ukraine in the war with Russia:

  • Canadian Defense Minister, Anita Anand, expressed that up to 150 Canadian Armed Forces staff will be sent to Poland on a philanthropic mission to help Ukrainian refugees.
  • Leaders of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia visited Ukraine for showing their support.
  • Australia expands sanctions on Russian state-possessed endeavours. Australia forced sanctions on 14 Russian state-owned undertakings to undermine Russia’s capacity to continue funding Putin’s war.
  • The United States and Britain have supported Ukraine firmly. The European nations of NATO and Germany, Japan, South Korea, Australia, and Canada all are supporting Ukraine.

Countries supporting Russia in the war with Ukraine

A few countries are also supporting Russia in the invasion of Ukraine either directly or indirectly.

Belarus is the biggest supporter of Russia and has allowed Russian Troops to enter Ukraine from its territory.
Other Russian Supporting Countries in the war with Ukraine are Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, and Kyrgyzstan.

Indirectly, a few countries are in support of the Russian Invasion or acting not to be in favour or against any country i.e. Russia or Ukraine. These countries are:

  • Syria has expressed its support for Moscow’s recognization of the republics in eastern Ukraine.
  • Iran has justified Russian Invasion Moves by saying it is rooted in NATO Provocations.
  • UAE and Saudi Arabia have refused to condemn Russian actions. They are acting as neutral.
  • Kazakhstan has stayed away from public analysis however not favoured Russia and chose not to send troops for a joint military activity.
  • Armenia has cast a vote against removing Russia from the Council of Europe however has kept a low profile on the invasion.

The world also wants to know India is supporting which country – Russia or Ukraine in the war? Well, the answer to this question is that India is acting diplomatically. They have good relations with both countries. They are showing sympathy for Ukraine and at the same time, they are not condemning the actions of the Russian Invasion openly.

What are your opinions about the Russia-Ukraine War? Do mention it in the comment section. Thank You.

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  1. It seems the Ukrainians are the unfortunate sacrifice the NATO nations led by the USA have chosen, in their proxy war against Russia. I don't think Russia has any choice, other than to defeat the Ukrainian leaders, acting according to Western wishes, to weaken Russia, which had helped countries like Syria and Iran which the US had tried to destroy.

  2. This Is Israeli Expanionism Period The USA is Hijacked by Israeli left leaning Deciples of The Jewish faith. Gangster Mike Bloomberg is Running The pentagon. The Southern Poverty law Center another Jewish Org is vetting out white people,& vetting Israeli leaning Leftists. The USA is hijacked. How Terrible ! What have we become an Israeli base? Nuke the World. We failed! Israel stick your thumb up your Arse;(.

  3. This war is inhumane and must stop. It's high time for Ukrainians to understand that the Western world are not assisting them because they want to do, they are assisting them because of their personal interests. This nonsense must stop and allow the people of Ukrain to live their normal lives.
    How can someone be pushing another person in to war in the name of supporting the person? Why are the Western world pushing all kinds of support to Ukrain? Why are they (Western World) not interested in the peace talk? Why are their military persons found dead in Ukrain?
    To me, the US and the West are the cause of this catastrophic war in Ukrain. But no one is liable to condemn their actions. The hypocrisy in the system is too much.

  4. I am not in support of the killings in ukraine, but we should all know that before we term Vladimir Putin as a bloodsucker, the American government have produced many killers as there leader, the have masterminded the killing of innocent people in Iraq , Libya , vietnam etc. USA uses propaganda to make Russia look evil before the world but fails to acknowledge its own atrocities.

  5. THis is an issue between Russia and Ukraine. It is not simple as the details and causes go back decades if not centuries. Be that as it may, Biden administration has no business there. It is prolonging a conflict that is causing tenths of thousands of dead.

  6. I support the Russians in the war because Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union but decided to invite the US sponsored NATO to Russia's back yard. Anywhere, has the US won any wars after World War 2? On the right track Russia, keep going.

    • I’m sorry what? Russia is murdering and invading a country that is poor and just wants to be free. I’m Ukrainian btw.

    • Soviet Union consisted of 15 countries, including Russia and Ukraine. It collapsed because of Russia, all other 14 countries expect Russia to respect their souvereignity, Russia refuses and continuously attacks those countries in Ukraine and Georgia case, or creates conflicts among them like in long standing Karabakh conflict where Russia supported Armenia to invade 20% of Azerbaijan’s territory. Russia is a fascist country, has to be demolished.

    • You have understood . People, in Donbass, and Crimea, don't want to be under Nato rule. Perhaps Ukrainians, but with strong links to Russia. They are russians , for the greater part of them , and Russia must obviously support them . Look at a map of the last elections in Ukraine : the South a f south east were for Russia. Tsarin Catherine II nd would call this region "new Russia". It had never been ukrainian before…. Never

  7. The war is insane and must stop. There will be no winners, only many more deaths. I do not believe that Russian people (and I have many Russian friends) will be happy about the hundreds of Ukrainian women and children being killed in their homes by Russian missiles. The West has no issue with Russian people and we look forward to welcoming Russians back into the civilized world as friends. In the meantime, we must object strongly to the Kremlin's invasion and destruction of a neighbouring country. Most territories of the world have endured a bloody history involving disputes over borders and Ukraine is no exception. However, the independence of Ukraine was ratified by Russia in 1991 after the country declared its independence and after a referendum in favour was supported by 90% of the 84% of Ukrainians who participated. (
    But regardless, surely nothing can justify killing thousands of people on both sides of this dispute. Border disputes are for the people to decide, not the military.
    This war must END.

  8. Let me just say, Putin has stepped over the line. He is bombing schools, (whilst children are inside) hospitals, churches, and the homes of the rich and poor, you get the image. No. America is not the only hero in the world, nor is NATO. But Neither is Russia. Russia is the opposite of a hero. Putin has killed many mothers and fathers, children and grandparents. Murder is a crime. If a normal citizen can't get away with it, the leader of Russia should not either. Putin has broken all the rules of war. I once met two Ukrainian women who were able to flee from Ukraine when with my mother in the hospital, they were right next door to us. These women were sisters. Their apartment was bombed, and their mother was killed. These were innocent young women who saw their mothers die. After that, I had a dream Russia bombed our home. I assure you, I am not making anything up. Just because America and NATO have acted horribly, doesn't make it right for Putin to murder innocent people. And I know America is not the only hero, because I live in it.

  9. I dont like war .. but this war i supported russia.. bcz usa and nato think they are only hero in this world…

    • Yes, bravo, support Putin, a killer of civilians. Do you read news at all? Do you know where the war is? It is in Ukraine’s territory. You can have no sympathy to nato or us, but it has nothing to do with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and killing innocent civilians including children.

    • Israeli Expansionism. Israeli proxy war. America is an Israeli base. It has become.
      Even Boris Johnsons family is from Moscow,& Jewish. Go figure!

  10. How come US, Japan, Canada and EU have a problem with Russia being in Ukraine but no one has a problem with US invading Iraq, Kuwait, Vietnam, Yemen, Afghanistan, Syria, Lybia etc. Double standards? I would say so.
    Nobody object to Biden ordering blowing up the Nord Stream pipelines but anyting Russia does is wrong. Sure. I am not stupid

    • Yes people also had a problem with US invasions. And because US invaded doesn't make it right for Russia to invade and destroy complete cities. Kill 10s of thousands of innocent people. Maybe you should just say they are both aholes

    • I am muslim and believe that one mistake, injustice does not justify other. If US invaded Iraq, Syria, what it has to do with Russia invading independent Ukraine and killing civilians? You need to look at each case independently.

      • Russia is not your typical gay , godless European country. Nor are they ethnic racists. And has almost 200 culturally diverse groups that are peacefully intertwined and sanctioned and protected within Russia.
        Concerning Ukraine , it is a fact that many Russian aligned Ukrainian citizens were being oppressed in southern Ukraine and many of them identified more with Russia . And many strove for years against Ukrainian oppression .
        Biden bragged about getting the Ukrainian prosecutor fired as a condition of getting US aid , Biden is corrupt , Ukrain is corrupt.
        Biden is destroying America.
        Russia wants a small territory back that is arguably essentially Russian ,,, BFD ! and FJB.
        Just remember Ukraine has the dirt on the Bidens and Biden is paying the blackmail with American taxes.

  11. Personally I support Russia and Mr.Putin's action against the Ukraine.I live in Hungary and I am against NATO interference. NATO was getting too close with their influence and also that the Ukraine has been provoking Russia for years. I do think that NATO should stop interfering in the conflict because they are only prolonging the suffering.

    • I don't know where are you from. But wish you from deep of my hart that one day your home neighber due to the fatc that you wish to join same assosiation will enter your leaving room and claim is his property. Hope he won't rape your doughtet, kill your san amd destroy kithen. Pleas do not provoce him simply right away go to notary and signe papers stating from now on your hom is his and he will rule it according this not your dreems.

      • That's what apartheid Israel is doing to the Palestinians

    • You are correct. Russia launched a humanitarian operation in Ukraine after Zelensky brutally slaughtered 14,000 Russians in Eastern Ukraine.
      Or should we call Zelensky Hilter Junior? Then we have Biden ordering blowing up gas pipes from Russia to Germany to force Europeans to buy more expensive American gas. Something smells. I wish Russians all the best and they can never be defeated. This is one Russia will win easily.

      • 14000 Russian were killed??? Are you nuts? What are you talking about? Do you know anything about Russia and Russians? i am 40 years old, not from Ukraine, but from one of the post soviet countries . We all hate Russia. The country does not have anything / any values to offer to anyone. We used to live together for 70 years, always under opression. If they were good, why would we destroy soviet union, hate russia???

        • It's seems that your are a really nut Fam . Just tell me who started war in Donbass and Luhans ? It's your beloved Ukraine . Who violated the Minsk agreement twice ? It's again Ukraine . Starting from 2014 Ukraine has killed thousands of innocent russian people . They killed children, old people, journalist, pregnant women and other.You nut don't want to see the brutality of the little hitler in modern times Vladimir zelensky. I feel so pity for you. You shout democracy but you have no idea about it.wherever the USA and NATO are they fully destroyed the country .Do you need any examples ? Hope you know better than others . So please don't bullying .And don't interfere the things that you don't know.

    • And the Yemen people have endured what most Europeans could not. They have been ignored. Suddenly ah a chance to reframe the cold war which was largely the us fault anyway because of its nervous attitude about socialism.

    • Yes finally a little honesty. We many who still pay attention and don't just "watch,"news but try to listen and learn have noticed a unkind immoral country pecking about since 2014 or before. Russia is blamed by the ignorant western 😜 powers because that is heck who they blame it's in the cia book. They don't change like Russia did. As far as ww two Russia should be respected for commemorating the end. Instead our slow uninteresting unchallenging dull leaders stay at home and promote civil strife and anger so they can be the nwo bigshots they are.

    • Do you know where the war goes? In Ukraine’s territory. How would you feel if Russia started Hungary’s invasion? Ignore nato, focus on who is attacking whom in whose country?

  12. And the World splits in two! Enablers as guilty as perpetrators! there will be no winners!To condone a War on another country being invaded,where unarmed, men, women, and children are being brutally can you be 'Proud of THAT ever,Russia'..and 'Russian supporters'! Your country could be next!,Your family could be next! This is just the beginning of chaos AGAIN for planet Earth! We did it to ourselves…all of us! RIP Planet Dirt!


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