Countries Supporting Ukraine and Russia, Complete List with Reasons

Which Countries support Ukraine and which ones are with Russia? Check the Latest List & Reasons for the support: Back in March 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin declared a military operation on Ukraine drawing worldwide condemnation. As the disaster between Ukraine and Russia deepens, the world has been divided into parts for the primary time in 40 years since the end of the cold war.

Many nations have already announced sanctions on Moscow following Russia’s order of troops into the rebellion ‘republics’ of Donetsk and Luhansk. But sanctions will, to a point, cut both approaches.

Russia is not just a prime player in the oil and gas business, but additionally a massive participant in a number of other commodities and minerals. Although those may be sourced from someplace else, there may be a fee spike and possible shortages.

Here is the list of countries supporting the Russian Invasion of Ukraine and the Countries Supporting Ukrain and are against Russia in this war.

Russian-Ukraine War Updates April 2022

Countries Supporting Russia or Ukraine

As the Russia-Ukraine war approaches Day 50, US President Joe Biden has said Putin’s conflict in Ukraine adds up to annihilation and blamed the Russian president for attempting to clear out being a Ukrainian.

Biden’s assertion came a day after Putin promised to proceed with the military offensive until its objectives are satisfied. In the interim, Russian soldiers are presently zeroing in on eastern Ukraine and are preparing for a significant hostile in Donbas. Stay with us for the Russia-Ukraine war Updates.

Countries supporting Ukrain and are against the Russian Invasion

Here, we are telling you about the countries that are supporting Ukrain and condemning Russia for invasion. All founding NATO Countries are against the Russian Invasion. Out of 30 members of NATO, there are 12 countries that are founding members of NATO and they all are coming forward in support of Ukraine.

The list of NATO Countries supporting Ukraine and condemning the Russian Invasion is provided below:

Founding Members of NATO: Canada, Belgium, Denmark, France, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, United Kingdom, and the United States.

Other Members of NATO: Greece, Turkey, Germany, Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Albania, Croatia, Montenegro, North Macedonia.

Here are some incidents where NATO countries and Other Countries are showing their support to Ukraine in the war with Russia:

  • Canadian Defense Minister, Anita Anand, expressed that up to 150 Canadian Armed Forces staff will be sent to Poland on a philanthropic mission to help Ukrainian refugees.
  • Leaders of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia visited Ukraine for showing their support.
  • Australia expands sanctions on Russian state-possessed endeavours. Australia forced sanctions on 14 Russian state-owned undertakings to undermine Russia’s capacity to continue funding Putin’s war.
  • The United States and Britain have supported Ukraine firmly. The European nations of NATO and Germany, Japan, South Korea, Australia, and Canada all are supporting Ukraine.

Countries supporting Russia in the war with Ukraine

A few countries are also supporting Russia in the invasion of Ukraine either directly or indirectly.

Belarus is the biggest supporter of Russia and has allowed Russian Troops to enter Ukraine from its territory.
Other Russian Supporting Countries in the war with Ukraine are Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, and Kyrgyzstan.

Indirectly, a few countries are in support of the Russian Invasion or acting not to be in favour or against any country i.e. Russia or Ukraine. These countries are:

  • Syria has expressed its support for Moscow’s recognization of the republics in eastern Ukraine.
  • Iran has justified Russian Invasion Moves by saying it is rooted in NATO Provocations.
  • UAE and Saudi Arabia have refused to condemn Russian actions. They are acting as being neutral.
  • Kazakhstan has stayed away from public analysis however not favored Russia and chose not to send troops for a joint military activity.
  • Armenia has cast a vote against removing Russia from the Council of Europe however has kept a low profile on the invasion.

The world also wants to know India is supporting which country – Russia or Ukraine in the war? Well, the answer to this question is that India is acting diplomatically. They have good relations with both countries. They are showing sympathy for Ukraine and at the same time, they are not condemning the actions of the Russian Invasion openly.

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  1. Wow you guys make me feel so relieved to hear that the truth comes out in the end. Nato propaganda we are fed via our lying media is slowly losing. Putin and the russians as well as chechnya and other regions are heroic. Im from Australia thank you for your help to syria and the victims of nato imperialism. You are truly wonderful people

  2. BRICS continues to support Russia throughout the conflict. India and China have increased joint military and scientific endeavors with Russia. Brazil has strengthened their political allies but their current political upheaval will need time to settle. South Africa with help from Egypt and a few others is rallying the entire African continent away from American and western influence. Most of the Middle East, including Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and even Israel are providing economic support to Russia. They are a key factor in the rise of the Ruble. Then consider that at least 30% of American citizens believe that Ukraine has the second most evil government on the planet, right behind our own.

  3. China has absolutely been supporting Russia, even if its recent rhetoric has been negative. India was one of the first in line to come up with a new payment system for rubles and rupees to be traded directly so oil and other goods could flow between them. Brazil is still trading with Russia and will not take the side of the West. Israel and Turkey, while condemning the invasion, refuse to sanction Russia and continue to trade with them.

    The list goes on and on, but the reality is nations with over 50% of the world’s population are still trading with Russia and haven’t sanctioned it. Most have condemned what Russia is doing in Ukraine more to save face and avoid sanctions themselves, and the reality is much of the world would prefer to see Russia succeed in the face of the West and the US, a global bully they are utterly sick of. Anyone with a brain knows this war is about far more than just Ukraine.

    • At this point Putin is cracking up. His own citizens are fleeing to escape this ridiculous war. If we could just get rid of nut cases like him the rest of the world could work together to find solutions to our real problem… climate catastrophe. Many people will starve due to Putin’s immense greed and jealous desire to rob his neighbors land. To the people who don’t like Zelensky, just because you don’t agree with who’s running the country doesn’t mean that anyone should be allowed to steal the land. At this stage of human evolution the taking of land is over. We’re way past the feudal times of warring tribes.

      • Do you agree that military force should be used to regain stolen land? If so, then Russia is in the right and Italy would be justified with a war against the Welsh for all of Europe. Germany also has an ancient claim to most of Europe as well. Then we have the United States of America which is the largest piece of stolen land in the world. Most of us don’t like Zelensky because he is a traitor jew supporting Nazis while getting rich off of murdering the people he is supposed to protect. Then we look to Putin, a man that is brilliant and crazy, which I consider to be better than an idiot and crazy, which is what America has.

  4. I support Russia 100% . When you have a Nazi unelected leader who voted to exterminate every man woman and child of Russian decent in the Ukraine and is upholding his promises by using artillery and bombs attacking neighborhoods, schools, churches you name it and his army torturing, raping and murdering civilians then they have to go. When the people of the Ukraine beg for freedom to be liberated from the nightmare you understand why most of those informed are supporting Russia. Also it was the US under Obama who helped start the violence with the help of Doris who on video ADMITS he spent a lot of money to overthrow a duly elected leader to put in a Nazi. It’s the crimes of the US, EU and Nato who allowed this and allowed MULTIPLE biological weapons facilities to be setup on Russia’s doorstep. Imagine what the US would do if Russia installed these facilities in Mexico right on the US border, we would do the same thing. STOP watching TV FAKE NEWS and research it for yourselves and fund real facts instead of democrat made up facts handed to the media to report. Of you are watching local and national news thenn99% of what you get about Ukraine is a fraud. Most of the world actually support Russia in the Ukraine despite the FAKE support the Ukraine supposedly has just like most of the US doesn’t and has NEVER supported Biden as president. WAKE UP AND FIND THE TRUTH INSTEAD LISTENING AND WATCHING FAIE NEWS!

    • Reply to message: “WAKE UP AND FIND THE TRUTH INSTEAD LISTENING AND WATCHING FAIE NEWS!”, you’re the one who watching that fake news, wake up to reality, you can actually visit Ukraine if you’re so smart, here is no fake news in Ukraine, maximum only Russia posts fake news, get a brain, read REAL news, and get an life. Slava Ukraini.

    • “Most of the world support Russia in the Ukraine” are you living under a rock? You have been poisoned with propaganda Mr Todd, literally what evidence can you provide to prove Zelenskyy and his government are Nazis?

    • You are 100% right Todd. The first clue is that when EVIL supports Ukraine (American Democratic Party). Over the past 40 years, Russia has risen has a bastion of freedom while American and much of the west has become fascist terrorists. BRICS has done more to improve world economics amongst underdeveloped countries in the past decade than NATO and the west has in 80 years.


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