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Today is Children’s Day, which is held every year on the anniversary of the birth of India’s first prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru. The kids love to call him “Chacha Nehru.” Because he cared so much about kids, the day is now known as Children’s Day, which is a great way to honour this great person. No matter where he was, in the United States or abroad, he was very kind to children.

Letters between him and his daughter Indira show that he and she were in tune with one another. Every school in the country has a party on this day. Speeches, competitions, seminars, debates, singing, and dancing are just some of the things that happen. According to some newspapers, UNICEF’s Programme will send children to the National Stock Exchange (NSE).

Speeches are given by well-known people in the field of education, such as school principals, teachers, intellectuals, and so on. We tell the students to do what great people around the world have done.

Children Day Essay

Children's Day Celebration Essay Report & Speech

“Children’s Day is the happiest day of every child’s life. Every year in India, Children’s Day is held on November 14 to honour Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, our first Prime Minister, who was born on that day. He cared a lot about children and was called Chacha Nehru by them. After he died in 1964, his birthday was made Children’s Day all over the country.

Pandit Nehru liked kids a lot and pushed for their education because he thought kids were the future leaders of the country. He was very sure that children should be taught good morals. He thought that children should be taught the right things from a young age so that they can grow up to be valuable and responsible citizens.

On this important day, the majority of schools around the country celebrate by putting on socio-cultural programmes for the students in their care. Some of the events are poetry readings, recitations, competitions for fancy dress, singing and dancing, skits, and plays for kids. In addition to drinks, kids are given toys, clothes, stationery, chocolates, toffees, and other fun things. Sometimes, they also watch movies and shows that are good for kids.

So, Children’s Day emphasised how important it is to show love and care to every child. It is celebrated with a lot of passion and zeal all over the country. Every child loves this day because they get to have the most fun possible. It’s important to remember that this special day is celebrated to honour Pandit Nehru’s dream of giving every child a good education so that they can become the nation’s future leaders and help society as a whole.

Children Day Report

On Children’s Day, we remember that Pt. Nehru was born. He was the country’s first Prime Minister. This day is celebrated in many different ways in schools all over the country. This is how the children honour their Chacha. Monday was also Children’s Day, which was also celebrated at our school. Students from the first to the fifth grade took part in the programme. The teachers took the students to the auditorium of the school.

The kids were the ones who made this auditorium look like a bride. The Chief Guest was the former head of a school in the area. The principal and staff gave him a bouquet to welcome him. The children’s parents were also there. At 10 a.m., Saraswati Vandana with small children started the programme.

Then the main guest spoke briefly about the event. He told the students about Pt. Nehru and how much he loved kids. Nehru loved children from all over the world, not just from India. She even told about the letter that Mrs Indira Gandhi had written to her father. Then our Principal got up on stage and talked about our first Prime Minister’s life.

He didn’t take long, and the students were able to give programmes that they had been working on for many days. These very young kids did dances, short plays, and songs. Even some kids presented speeches about Pt Nehru. It looked great. The audience clapped to cheer on the young performers.

It took about two hours to finish the show. In the end, the prizes were given to the young winners by the chief guest. National Anthem was the last part of the programme. Everyone really liked the programme. There were also tea and cookies set out for the guests. All of the students got Frooti and chocolate from their teachers.

In a way, these little kids made the day very special for everyone there.

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