Chandigarh University Girls MMS Leaked, Accused Girl and Her Boyfriend Arrested

Chandigarh University Girls Viral MMS Leaked, CU Girl Bathing Video Went Viral on All the Social Media Platforms. Police Arrested Both Accused who shoot and shared CU Girls Bathroom Video.

Chandigarh University located in Mohali is currently experiencing some disruptions. Allegedly, videos of 60 girls taking a shower at this girl’s hostel were recorded and uploaded to social media and quickly gained widespread attention. Since the truth about the situation became public, the young women have been vocal in their opposition.

It was even stated that a girl student tried to take her own life, and she is currently being treated at the hospital for her injuries. On the other hand, the university administration and the police have provided contradictory statements regarding the situation.

On the other hand, the student who has made this accusation has admitted in the past that she has created her own videos and sent them to her lover who lives in Himachal Pradesh. Additionally, the cops are reporting the same thing. The inspection of the matter is going on.

Chandigarh University Girls Bathroom Video Leak – Latest Updates


Som Prakash, a senior member of the BJP and a minister in the Union government, said that “In order to prevent such instances from occurring in the future, the authorities need to take severe measures against the individuals who were involved in this one.”

The Chairperson of the Punjab State Commission for Women, Manisha Gulati, has stated that “this is a very serious issue. It is being verified. I assurance to all the parents that the guilty would not get off scot-free in this matter.”

The most recent information on this incident is that the police have opened an investigation and have detained the girl who is being accused of the crime. According to Mohali SSP Vivek Soni, the accused girl recorded the video and share it with her boyfriend.

In this instance, an FIR has been filed, and the accused person has been detained. There have been no casualties reported in connection with this occurrence.

Chandigarh University Girl Bath MMS Leak Online?

As soon as it became clear what had happened, the remaining students banded together. The disturbance that occurred at the university’s gate number 2 last night was caused by a big group of girl students who had assembled there.

After getting the information, the police contacted the students and told them that they would take the appropriate actions. The students were calmed by the police, as stated by the guard at gate number 2. The administration of the university is denying that the incident even occurred.

It’s a shameful act, both the accused are now in police custody and the police are doing further investigation. We strongly condemn the whole incident. Please do not spread any kind of rumour until the investigation is completed. And do not share any kind of video because it can ruin a student’s life.

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