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Chakbandi Mainpuri Adhikari Viral MMS Video Download Link Chakbandi Adhikari Viral MMS Watch Online: Recently a case of sexual assault against the wife of an employee was filed against the Consolidation Officer in Mainpuri. The case was registered after the incident occurred. The victim claimed that the officer continued to take advantage of her husband for a period of three years by continuously threatening to fire him from his job. The Kotwali police have begun their investigation after the case was first reported to them.

A serious accusation was levelled against Lalta Prasad, a consolidation officer who was posted in the district by the spouse of an employee who was also stationed in the office. The victim claims that the officer has been engaging in sexual misconduct with her for the past three years in a row. He used to threaten to take the lives of his wife and their children if he did not get his way and listen to him.

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A woman who lives in a colony in the Kotwali area mentioned in the letter of complaint that she is currently employed as a Class IV worker in the Consolidation Department. The woman sends the letter to higher officials in the area. Over the course of three consecutive years, she was the victim of physical abuse at the hands of the Consolidation Officer.


Chakbandi Mainpuri Adhikari Viral MMS Video Link

The previous three years have been consecutively repeated in this cycle. The victim had previously lodged a complaint with the authorities regarding the occurrence in question. However, nothing was done about it. There is also a video also known as Chakbandi Manipuri Adhikari Viral MMS of the officer that was taken from the perspective of the victim.

In this video, the officer can be seen engaging in inappropriate behaviour with the woman who is making the allegation. After the video gained widespread attention, there was a commotion within the division. However, the higher authorities have not yet issued any orders for a report to be filed in relation to this matter as of yet.

There were applications submitted to other officers, including the SP, on behalf of the victim in order to register the case. In addition to this, a great deal of evidence relating to sexual abuse was made available to the public. The case was filed against the consolidation officer in Kotwali on the basis of the woman’s Tahrir because it was ordered to be done so by higher officials.

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In response to the woman’s complaint, Inspector Vikram Singh, who is in charge of the Kotwali police station, has stated that a case has been filed against the officer in question. After the investigation is complete, the police will take further action.

A few days ago, the Chakbandi Manipuri Adhikari Viral MMS of the consolidation officer and the victim went viral on social media. The video was posted by the officer. According to the information that was obtained, an investigation into this matter had apparently been conducted in the past as well. During the same time period, the victim caused a lot of commotion in the workplace the previous year. However, a compromise was eventually reached between the two parties.

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