Brazil Ban Sales of iPhone Due to Charger not Included in the Box

Brazil Banned Sales of iPhone, iPhone 14 Banned in Brazil, Apple Brazil Latest Updates: An order has been issued by Brazil’s Ministry of Justice prohibiting Apple from selling iPhones that do not come with chargers in the country. The order applies only to sales of certain iPhones.

Additionally, it has levied a fine against the tech giant in the amount of 12.275 million Brazilian reals, which is equivalent to $2.38 million USD, and it has mandated that the registration of the iPhone 12 be revoked by the national telecoms agency of the country, Anatel.

Since the debut of the iPhone 12 in 2020, Apple has not included a charger in the box with their mobile devices, claiming “space constraints.” The company explained that it was distributing gadgets without power adapters in an effort to cut down on the number of manufacturing processes required for each individual product.

iPhone Sales Ban in Brazil


Apple said in its 2021 Environmental Progress Report that the choice to cease packaging chargers will save 861,000 tonnes of copper, zinc, and tin combined. Additionally, the company’s ability to distribute devices in a more effective manner would assist reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emissions that the company produces.

The Brazilian government did not believe Apple’s justifications and stated that the tech giant could have helped the environment more by taking other measures, such as introducing support for charging via USB-C to its iPhones.

Apple’s answers were not accepted. Authorities have determined that selling electronic devices without a corresponding power adaptor is “deliberate discriminatory conduct against consumers.”

This conclusion was reached after the ministry’s inquiry, which had begun in December of last year, was brought to a close. Apple was fined 10.55 million Brazilian reals, which was equivalent to $1.92 million at the time, by the state of Sao Paulo in Brazil for selling iPhones without accompanying chargers.

Brazil bans Apple from selling iPhones without a charger

Apple has not yet removed its more recent iPhone models from its online store in Brazil; nonetheless, the company has stated to Reuters that it will continue to collaborate with Brazilian authorities in an effort to “resolve their concerns.” Apple will appeal the judgement made by the ministry, according to a spokesman who talked to the news agency.

They stated, “We have previously won several court judgements in Brazil on this topic and we are certain that our customers are aware of the various possibilities for charging and connecting their devices.” We have already won several court rulings in Brazil on this matter.

It is important to note that Samsung collaborated with the government of Sao Paulo to include a free charger in the pre-order packages for the Samsung Galaxy S21. It is currently unknown whether or not the tech giant will use the same design for the upcoming iPhone, which is anticipated to be unveiled later on today.

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