Bhopal MMS Video – ITI Girl Blackmailed by making a video of her changing clothes

Bhopal MMS Case, Bhopal ITI Girl MMS Scandal – After Chandigarh, a case of blackmailing a female student through the use of MMS has recently come to light in the city of Bhopal. The female student is currently enrolled in an ITI program at the college. The student claims that three people secretly recorded her while she changed her clothes and have since begun to blackmail her over the footage.

These three have all previously attended our school. Despite this, the matter has been reported to the authorities. An official complaint has been lodged with the Ashoka Garden Police Department regarding the accused. Two of the accused have been taken into custody by the police.

Bhopal MMS Scandal Video

Bhopal MMS

A statement from the victim revealed that I am enrolled in an ITI program. The celebration of Vishwakarma Jayanti took place on September 17 in the meantime. During this time, I was required to change clothes and go to the restroom; however, a video of me doing so was recorded at the same time.

This work has been done by Rahul Yadav, Khushboo Thakur, and Ayan, who were all formerly enrolled students. According to the student, She found out about the three’s misdeeds only after hearing about them from a mutual friend. She reported that all three of them had watched her video.

Threatening to make the video viral

The student informed me that the three suspects were trying to extort money from me. In the event that the money was not paid, they threatened to circulate the Bhopal ITI Girl MMS widely on the internet. After that, a friend of mine also provided Khushboo Thakur with the sum of 500 rupees.

Nevertheless, after this, all three of them demanded additional payment. He warned repeatedly that if the money was not received, the video would quickly spread across all of the major social media platforms. Your family name will be defamed, and you will be unable to advance in your desired career.

Note – We do not have the Bhopal ITI Girl Viral Video and do not claim to have one. All the details shared here are for informational purposes only.

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