BEd vs BTC Case News 2023: Primary Teacher Eligibility Criteria After Supreme Court’s Verdict

The debate between B.Ed. (Bachelor in Education) and BTC (Basic Training Certificate) has been a contentious issue in the field of teacher recruitment in India. On 11 August Supreme Court judgment brought a significant change to the eligibility criteria for primary teaching jobs.

The Supreme Court’s verdict on the BEd vs BTC Case has cleared the eligibility criteria for primary teaching jobs in India. By favouring BTC diploma holders, the court has set a precedent that may impact future decisions in the field of education. The ruling serves as a reminder of the importance of clear guidelines and the role of the judiciary in upholding fairness and justice in the recruitment process. Here on this page, we will discuss everything about the B.Ed vs BTC Case, the Supreme Court Judgment and its impliments.

B.Ed. vs BTC Case

b.ed vs btc case

The BEd vs BTC controversy exploded when BTC Diploma holders challenged the REET (Rajasthan Eligibility Examination for Teachers) level 1 notification issued by the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE). According to the NCTE notification dated May 30, 2018, BEd degree holders were also considered eligible for REET Level I.

After that, the case was in the Supreme Court. The court gave its final judgment on 11 August. After the judgment the B.Ed. Diploma holders are unhappy with this discussion and protesting over social media.

BTC vs BEd Difference

BTC and B.Ed. both are training courses for school teachers. You can have a look at both course-

  • BTC (Basic Training Certificate): A 2-year course recognized by the NCTE for the elementary level.
  • BEd (Bachelor in Education): A 2-year teaching training degree course, qualifying candidates for upper primary teaching jobs.

Candidates who want to appear for the Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET) or State TET must be BEd qualified.

Supreme Court’s Verdict on BEd vs BTC Case

On 11 August 2023, the Supreme Court cleared in its judgment that only BTC diploma holders are eligible to apply for Primary Teacher posts. The apex court supported the orders of the Rajasthan High Court regarding REET Level 1 teacher recruitment by controlling the Central Government’s notification for REET Level 1 recruitment. The BEd degree holders are no longer eligible for Level 1 teacher recruitment.

The Supreme Court’s decision has given a big relief to BTC candidates, as it supports their eligibility for Level 1 teaching positions. The order has a significant impact on the teaching community, especially those who hold a BEd degree and were previously eligible for Level 1 recruitment.

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