Anandeshwar Pandey Viral Photos, आनंदेश्वर पांडेय युवतियों संग वायरल हुआ आपत्तिजनक फोटो

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On social media, numerous photos that are offensive of Anandeshwar Pandey, who is the secretary of the Uttar Pradesh Olympic Association, have gone viral. These photographs that were shot with a variety of different women are so offensive that they cannot even be displayed.

Anandeshwar Pandey’s professional life is in trouble as a direct result of the widespread distribution of these images. After the complaint was submitted on the CM portal, the Regional Sports Officer of the KD Singh Babu Stadium in Lucknow asked for the report to be sent.

On the other hand, Pandey has written a letter to the Police Commissioner of Lucknow, in which he accuses everyone involved in the scandal of hatching a plot to smear his reputation and requests an investigation and subsequent action.

Anandeshwar Pandey Viral Photos with Hostel Girls


Let us tell you that not one or two images of Anandeshwar Pandey have gone viral and that all of the photos that have gone viral include Anandeshwar Pandey with different girls and women. It is asserted that each and every one of these photographs are of Anandeshwar Pandey’s Rasleela.

According to the allegations, Anandeshwar Pandey and the girls are seen naked in the majority of the photographs. Regarding the inquiry into this situation, the office of the Regional Sports Officer at KD Singh Babu Stadium has also penned a letter to the District Officer.

The letter is related to the investigation. In which it is stated that it has been conveyed by a person named Vikas Yadav that the secretary of the UP Olympic Association, Anandeshwar Pandey, residing in KD Singh Babu Stadium, Lucknow, is involved in works that are objectionable, and that this information has been said to have been said by a person named Vikas Yadav.

Because of this, the reputation of not only the state but also the nation as a whole is suffering. His home is physically located right next to the girls’ hostel. Therefore, this topic needs to be looked into.

Who is Anandeshwar Pandey?

Before transitioning into a role in sports administration, Anandeshwar Pandey enjoyed success on the field as a player. His handball career took him all the way up to the national level when he competed for Uttar Pradesh in the 1977–1978 National Championship. In addition to this, he has also competed at the national level in long-distance athletic events.

His time as a player was cut short, and he transitioned into a career in sports administration after that. National and international contests in wrestling, hockey, football, and athletics have been established at the state level in conjunction with state sports federations. In 2016, the state government of Uttar Pradesh bestowed upon him the Yash Bharti Award.

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