All of Us Are Dead Season 2 Release Date, Web Series Cast, Plot

All of Us Are Dead Season 2 Release Date Soon for Netflix Web Series: All of Us Are Dead, released on Netflix on 28th January 2022, has offered 12 episodes in its first instalment. After release, it became a sensation among audiences addicted to the K-drama series. It became so popular that even people compared this series with highly acclaimed Squid games and the movie Train to Busan.

It is a zombie web series directed by Jae-kyoo, and this series will not disappoint you. The graphics of zombies look natural, and the relationship between friends is very engaging.

So if you are a fan of K-drama, especially for All of Us are Dead, you are eagerly waiting for its second season. So, continue reading this article today; we will talk about Netflix’s web series “All of Us are Dead.”

All of Us are Dead Season 2 Web Series Release Date

Season one concludes, and everyone who watched season 1 was eagerly waiting for Season 2, but the official dates are yet to be announced.

Latest Update

Netflix Korea officially confirmed the return of its smash series ‘All of Us Are Dead‘ with season 2 on June 6 at around 10 p.m. IST, by releasing a poster with the phrase “Can we survive again?” The hard zombie survival time of Hyosan High School buddies begins. Season 2 of ‘All of Us Are Dead’ will soon be available exclusively on Netflix.”

According to the sources, Netflix will premiere All of US are Dead Season 2 in 2023. But it is not confirmed, recently Netflix issued a press release of movies and web series going to be on air in 2022, and All of Us Are Dead-2 is not on the list.

All of US Are Dead S02 Plot

The capital town of Hyosin has attacked in the first instalment of All of Us Are Dead in the martial law leader’s frantic attempt to erase all zombies and prevent the transmission of infection to other areas. The primary cast of students, on the other hand, rushed to leave the town before the explosion went off.

All of Us Are Dead Season 2 Release Date

Although the main cast had to fight to reach the quarantine tents, unfortunately, they lost some friends also, but in the end, they escaped the zombie area and reached the camps.

After the extended stay in the quarantine tents, victims On-jo, Dae-Su, Su-hyeok, Mi-jin, Ha-ri, and Hyo-ryung connected after some months. They decided to go back to their institution’s roof since On-jo observed a glimmer there.

When they met on the terrace, they were shocked to see his classmate Nam-Ra, he became half-zombie, and she told him that there are many individuals like her. She is supporting them because they are unable to go back to their everyday human existence due to the threat of being killed.

All of Us Are Dead Season 1’s last scene suggests that the drama could be continued in the second season.

As the young surviving cast approaches the balcony from which Nam-ra plunged, their expressions change as they notice something off-camera. The audience is left guessing as to what the primary actors are viewing.

All of Us Are Dead Season 2 CAst & Story

All of us are dead season 2 may centre on Nam-Ra’s story, but we may also see the other victims reappear. Even though their stories were completed by the end of the first season, we may see them embark on a new assignment. New faces may be introduced in the next season, and they may play an essential role in a new plot.

Season 2 of all us are dead might concentrate on the consequences of the blast while also providing insight into the half-zombie gang. It will most probably be set in another Korean city nearby. It would be thrilling to see zombies go uncontrolled in Seoul, but developing the narrative in the South Korean city would almost certainly necessitate a more significant budget.

Cheong-san may also make an appearance as a supervillain. The protagonist was shown to have a nasty attitude, exacerbated by his losses during the zombie invasion, and he even battled Dae-Su and Su-hyeok in a fit of wrath.


  • Park Ji-hu played the role of Nam On-jo
  • Yoon Chan-young played the role of Cheong-san
  • Cho Yi-Hyun played the role of Choi Nam-Ra
  • Lomon played the role of Lee Su-hyeok
  • Yoo in-soo played the role of Yoon Gwi-nam
  • Lee Yoo-me as Lee Na-Yeon
  • Kim Byung-Chul played the role of lee Byeong chanLee
  • Jeon Bae-soo performed the role of Nam soju
  • Kyu-hyung as Song Jae-ik

Supporting Role

  • Im Jae-hyuk played the role of Yang Dae-su
  • Ham Sung-gyun played the role of Han Gyeong-su
  • Ahn Seung-gyun played the role of oh-Joon-Yeong
  • Kim Bo-Yoon played the role of Seo-Hyo-ryung
  • Kim Joo-ah played the role of Yoon I-sak
  • Son Sang – Yeon played the role of Jang Woo-jin
  • Kim Jin-young played the role of Kim Ji-min
  • Ha Seung-ri played the role of Jang Ha-ri
  • Lee Eun-saem played the role of Park Mi-jin
  • Jin Ho-eun played the role of Jung Min-Jae

So, this is all about Netflix’s popular web series, and it is a very engaging web series based on zombies attacks. We have covered all the points before you prepare to watch season 2 of all of us are dead. We have given you the plot of this series after reading this article, and you should go and watch this web series. You will be going to like it.

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